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AI Dreams in Art

AI Dreams in Art
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Karima Hoisan
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2 years ago
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A collection of many genres of beautiful AI Art for you to admire, enjoy and take home in immersive galleries.
All Art on this world is produced by Dale Innis using the program MidJourney
All Art is copy, mod & transfer! Enjoy exploring!

Hello everyone!! I just want to share that we have opened up a new part of our Surreal Galley on our AI Dreams in Art world. The movie plays our video, "Klara" in parcel media, so just allow media (video) to auto play and it will begin. The YouTube version can be found here. I hope you will enjoy it, wherever you see it, but inworld is very immersive. It's something very different:)

Brand New Gallery, "Las Piratas" 25 beautifully rendered women pirates, from all parts of the globe, and you can learn to dance like a pirate too:) Complimentary chocolates and wines...strewn about

Ellen: Very amazing work! Thank you for sharing your visions with us! 2 years ago
When Art Inspires Art!! Kimm Starr, amazing Animesh creator was inspired by our world, AI Dreams in Art, especially our Gothic gallery, and gifted us, 2 amazing Goth Animesh, male and female...We are offering them too, as gifts on our world. She says," This Animesh was inspired by the AI art created by Dale Innis & the world in which it is shown built by Karima Hoisan. I was incredibly inspired after visiting their Art Installation and hope you were too!" Kimm Star is creator of Virtual Vignette Animesh, available on the Kitely Market. Take a peek here and come see the whole gallery for yourselves! Thank you Kimm! You are just amazing!
PS For any who had a problem taking the Goth Girl home ...she has been fixed and is now fully Export!! Thanks to HG Georgina Mills for pointing out the problem to me!

Kimm Starr: This was so much fun. I really enjoyed the installations and was unable to stop myself from making these 2 complimentary animesh inspired by the art. 2 years ago

Hello everyone..excited we received 8 visitors today and got some great feedback. I am posting a few more pictures to tempt you to come and explore this unique experience in AI Art.

Kashi Takeshi: Great place with a lot of different art displayed. Worth visiting ! 2 years ago

Karima Hoisan: The world is media enriched so please have media set to auto-play and music on:) 2 years ago

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Thirza Ember A lovely build, with some fascinating art you can take home for free. Great work Dale and Karima
Antonia Ling Well done, it's a 'five stars plus'! I love the seascapes so much, really a very convincing performance and very inspiring. Thank you for your excellent work!

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You made a very beautiful exhibition with many themes, interesting, the art generated by artificial intelligence is surely an innovation but in my opinion it lacks the trembling hand of doubt of the creator in front of his canvas, however, the paintings that I I saw at your place are very beautiful and plunges us into another dimension, this art deserves its place Midjourney is a + and you know how to handle it very well: D Very beautiful place with a magnificent sense of color and a very special atmosphere:)
Sorry about typos on first draft
Thank you so much hella and I agree with you, the human artist puts a soul in their creations, something the AI can not duplicate...but there is something to say for a program that helps people with no visual art training or talent, realize their visions and hang them on a wall... Dale is a programmer, a scripter here, and now I can have one of his visions framed in my house.. I also made a comment, that our AI psychedelic section, is very colorful and fun, but it is obvious the AI (or those who programmed it,) have ever had a psychedelic experience! Thank you so much for your thoughts on the program and how we have presented it. Hoping your inspired commentary will pique the interest of more HGers:) who will come see for themselves.