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Holiday Haven
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Tigerkitti Eberdene
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Holiday Haven is a 2x2 sized shopping area on Twisted Grid! Everything here has been found on various grids, and is full perm and free! There is a separate level for Christmas, and another for Halloween, and yet another for the other holidays. All levels have many items out now! More will be added often so it is worth visiting more than once for sure! This is your "one-stop" shopping experience for all holidays. Everything is categorized for easy access. Donations of items we don't have yet are GREATLY appreciated! Contact Jamie Gear or Tig Eberdene in world if you have anything to share, please. This place will truly be THE place to find anything and everything for all your holiday needs.

Holiday Haven has everything you need to decorate your home and land for Christmas, and other holidays. More added regularly! Come have a look. Everything is free and full perm.

Castles and trees, outbuildings and ruins. Flying leaves and fog. You want it? We have it!

At the Halloween area, you will find everything from graveyards to ghosts, ghouls, and zombies!

The Halloween area now has a LOT of stuff available for you to create your own spooky areas at home! Come check out the selection! More added consistently!

Halloween stuff is out now! Grab an LM at the main landing for that next level, and also for the 3rd level which is various other holidays. More items will be put out on each area as they are unboxed, and all donations are very welcome if you have items I don't. Thanks. Come have a look!
We have many buildings here at Holiday Haven as well. Train station with train. Houses, out buildings, even a huge castle filled with holiday items, and an ice castle. Again, as I find items I will be adding more.
Each area has been put into categories. This area for example has gift boxes, wrapping paper textures and wreaths. This is to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Many categories are here. Such as religious, lights, snowmen, elves and faries, kids items, full scenes, landscaping, animals, people and much more. Make sure to check all the categories. So much to find here.
Many items are available, with more to come! Christmas planning will be going on soon enough, so come find everything you need here! I am always on the lookout for new content. If you have any holiday items, Christmas, and any other holidays, feel free to pass them to Jamie Gear, or even just rez them out in an open area.

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NeneSwords A great place for all your Christmas and Halloween needs
Jamie Wright Tig has the best collection of holiday items anywhere. Just to be clear the various holiday items are on different levels and there are teleporters. For the person who could not find the Halloween section.
shawnkmaloney OSWRS I'm actually looking forward to meeting this "super trooper nice" region owner.

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Whippin 3 months ago
Might want to work on the landing a bit. One falls from the sky.
Tigerkitti Eberdene 3 months ago
The main landing is on ground level. Did you fall from the Halloween area?
Whippin 3 months ago
no was logging into Holiday Haven Christmas. lol
Tigerkitti Eberdene 3 months ago
Oh that is strange since it is on the ground?! I will see about resetting the sim to be sure there are no glitches.