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Free Mesh Items for Home and Garden. Encantada items are original meshes.

New flower release, this one was something I've wanted to try to make for a long time.
The Alliums, giant fluffy colour balls basically :D. Apparently they are part of the onion family, I always thought they were much prettier than onions ;).
Now that it's August (already!!), I'll probably soon be working on one or 2 new items for Halloween. One of the currently available Halloween items at the shop is the Scary Trees. You can have them with or without mist and dead ferns, also, there is an option to have them say scary things to you when you touch them. The overlord sounds like a real sweetheart....well, not so much.

Another fountain at the shop, the Deco Fountain. This one is small and handy for adding movement in more confined spaces like courtyards and things.

Roses, more flora for the garden, you just have to watch out for those thorns!

Yesterday somebody said to me "remember, it's only 21 weeks until Christmas". I thought, wow, you must really love the holidays. In any event, since a lot of people may really like Christmas, here is an appropriately themed item from the shop :). It's a snow globe with a tiny toy train travelling around a Christmas tree. You can turn the train on and off with a click. It resizes just fine too so it works even when it's huge ;). The train is also available separately.
There's several types of wild grass at the shop, some you would even call "fantasy" (Ikr, pink grass in a virtual world, not really a stretch :D). I seem to keep adding to them, ground cover always comes in handy.
Well, I made the male goldfinch and afterwards I felt like I really should have done the female as well. So, I did. My apologies to anyone that took the box yesterday, I added the females to the same box. I just felt like he looked lonely.
A new release today. A very tiny one...it's a little goldfinch. I never made a bird before but I thought the bird bath perhaps needs one and maybe I'll be doing some other bird related things. This guy is in 2 versions, flat feet for the ground and feet to perch on branches and things. He also comes with and without random finch sounds. He's at the main shop by the bird bath of course :)
Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just want the lemons. They are incredibly useful in the kitchen, they work for cleaning, cooking and drink making. Yes, they taste sour that's what makes them so fabulous! Have them on hand all the time...virtually.
New release today. I was intending to make these flowers for a while and finally did them. Day Lilies and "Tiger" Lilies. In my garden, the flowers I call Tiger Lilies are really just larger Day Lilies. The real Tiger Lilies are different, I know, but I named them as I knew them :).
Summer is still here but, eventually, it will be FALL! Pretty trees will be upon us, for a few weeks anyway. The Maples have some fall colour and a few particle falling leaves, ground leaves as well.

If you would like to add a little movement to your sim that won't cause you lag, try out the animesh butterflies at Encantada. Quite a few species available :)

It was bound to happen sooner or later but I ended up making a weed.
Fluffy dandelions are out by the landing zone. They have several versions and particle fluff (wind enabled of course haha). The pieces are included separate so you can have with or without the floaty fluff and leaves etc.

A classic in any garden, elegant garden urns in 2 finishes. They work as decor on their own or with plants. I can't remember a time when these couldn't be found in most garden centres.

Well, new release today, they are pretty basic, so basic it's in the name of one of them.
I made them for fun and well, I'm entertained by them so maybe others will be too. The Box Men are animesh and avatars, tiny and regular size. The tiny ones are super tiny so they can dance on tables and desks easily. The Fancy Box Man has funky animated textures, the Basic Box Man has 4 faces and may be re coloured or textured in lots of ways.
They're on the second floor of the shop building next to the Stick People, they seem to be having a dance off.

In the event of heavy winds or storms, some heavier furniture in the garden is helpful. Concrete, now that's sturdy :D, table, seats and a bird bath.

Birch trees, great for making furniture and a favorite of beavers everywhere. 2 options, a tree and clump both in summer and fall textures.

I love this shrub in the fall, the colour of red is really amazing. In the summer, it's a mild mannered green shrub but come fall, the fire bush earns it's name.

If you've got water, ponds, swamps or even wet ditches, some bullrushes can come in handy. They come in 3 sizes of groups depending on the amount of space you want to cover. There are also individuals, so they can work in almost any area.
The OSGB14 celebration starts on the 18th. Encantada is participating with a display, tropical in theme. Stop by for a bahama mamma or blue lagoon, grab a logo sparkler from the cake and touch the large logo in front for some steel band birthday music. You have to be on the display land plot to hear it but then you can dance like no one is watching...I mean listening.

Old Hickory trees. Summer and Fall, they are in their respective sections at the shop in separate boxes because they are so far apart. Excellent hardwoods...well, if they weren't virtual ;).

Well, I released a novelty item today. Every once in a while (well, maybe more often than that) I get obsessed with something goofy. I always thought stick men were cute, don't know why, I just do. So, I made animesh and avatar stick people. There are regular ruth size and also tiny versions. I put them on the second floor of the shop building right in front of the elevator. They are dancing in the landing zone purely for my entertainment :).
Well, even though it's summer in the north, it can still get chilly in the evening. I've just released a fire table to keep toasty at night and hey, roast marshmallows in style. It comes with 2 stone choices, this one co ordinates with the sail shade base.

Something for the tropics. The fan palm is nice for variety in the landscape, a little extra flora for the beach or jungle :).

Elm Trees are located right next to the landing point. The trees in that main aisle have both the fall and summer versions included in the one box on the summer side :).

Gerbera daisies, a flower I always liked. I did several configurations and included a plain daisy on a stem in case anyone wants to use them in a vase.

Second new release this week is the Sail Shade. Keeps the sun off in style. comes in 3 wood colours and works well with the new patio furniture. Lights go on with the day/night cycle thanks to Aaack at Arcadia:).
I thought I would post a pic of one of my favorite builds. It's the elevator in my shop building. I haven't put it out to take since it's quite specific to it's location and unfortunately it wouldn't modify well. You can however ride up and down on it thanks to some nice scripting by my friend Aaack at Arcadia. There is even a little "ding" noise when it arrives at it's destination. Someday there will even be items on the second floor...
A new release today. Things were getting a little tight in the summer garden section so I had to carve out half of the desert section for some new summer accessory releases. I feel a shop reno coming on eventually but for now this is going to have to do.

This time it's some summer outdoor furniture, it will co ordinate with my next couple of releases. It's colourable and I've included the textures in the box for those who wish to mod them. 3 wood colour versions are already included. It uses SFPoser so you can change anims as you like.
Well I already went there with Halloween in July so why not Christmas. If you want to look delicious for the Holidays you may want to wear the Gingerbread Man avatar I made, or, you can just have him dance around as an animesh along with his mini gingerbread animesh friend. If you are really brave and don't mind being stepped on occasionally, wear the mini Gingerbread Man avatar :D
The cone flower as I call them or "echinacea" the official name. Apparently the name echinacea is from the Greek word meaning sea urchin due to the flowers' center. They're perennial so no need to replant each year (especially the virtual variety).
Turns out that the animesh ghosts at the shop did a little asset disappearing act on the week end. Thank you Thomas for letting me know. I've replaced all the items in the box and tested them several times taking them in and out of inventory and the replacements seem to be working just fine. The ghosts come in 2 movement patterns both with or without random spooky ghost sounds.
I was walking by them this morning and thought, hey, why not post pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns on the 4th of July......I don't know, it was like they were speaking to me, the Jack O Lanterns will mock you if you touch them.

Small new release today. It's a table top palm plant, versions with and without animated leaves depending on indoor or outdoor use. It's inside the shop building over by the vases.

The Quatro Spray Fountain is one of the fountains at the shop which lends itself to using the water lilies. I like it cause it has all that spray :).

I've always enjoyed using water features in my landscaping. I made these water lilies to add some movement and colour to ponds or fountains.

I was getting ready for this years OSgrid 14th Birthday exhibit and pulled out some things I had made last year. I found these balloons I made that spell out happy birthday and play the birthday song while giving out a few fireworks. I thought, hey, that's festive and you never know when you're going to need birthday decorations (well, I suppose you do given the annual occurrence of birthdays :D).
They are out in the shop building and ready to party. Touch them for the song and display.

Rhododendrons...the perfect thing when you're not sure if you want flowers or a shrub. They come in 3 group sizes so you can fit a small or larger space.

The Whirligigs...I'm sure there's some other official name for them but that's what I call them. These have parts that spin in opposite directions so they really add some movement to the landscape, put in one or more of these, some animesh butterflies and animated tree leaves and it's a happening place :)

Cherry blossom trees can make a mess on the ground, but, when you're pretty and pink, all is forgiven. The mess the Encantada trees make is always removable so, win/win.

A while back I made a simple beach hut, somewhere to get out of the sun. It looks great with Arcadia's rattan dining set and tiki torches!

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