TrisTH 24 days ago
Todo maravilloso, gracias por tu trabajo. Lastima que no me da ningĂșn objeto, snif
All wonderful, thanks for your work. Too bad it doesn't give me any object, snif
love the love you took to create wonderful work .. love it
Sylvia-Koeln 10 months ago
Your Beacon is off
SheaButter 12 months ago
Always enjoy your creations, and sharing of wonderful items. A must to explore, lots of stuff, so give time to rez. Is worth the wait. 5 stars for sure.
Mike Chase 1 years ago
It is so refreshing to see excellent original created content, Thank you for making it available and even better, for free.
Lannorra Sion 1 years ago
Beautiful items! Thank you for your generosity with sharing your work with us.
Lampithaler Artist 1 years ago
Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts! They are really amazingly beautiful things that they create. With this you make not only me a great pleasure!
Bibiana 2 years ago
Encantada items are original meshes however a few animals are also available which have been modified for virtual world use from free to use 3d models.
Alobo 2 years ago
Thank you for your gifts, I love the way you give it to me :)