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Avalon Reborn is a massive 4x4 region on the Destiny-Grid. It is the creation of Virtual builder and landscaper, Shimada Yoshikawa. Places to visit in the region include;
New Risa, a Star Trek / Sci Fi crossover theme, clothing optional beach club, where you can enjoy our lovely alien NPC hostesses. New Risa is based on the pleasure planet Risa, featured in Star Trek - TNG.
Poseidon, a beautiful open night club on the sea. We will start hosting events here soon.
The Island of Zen, a Japanese theme topiary island with tea room and Zen Gardens, a lovely place to relax with friends.
The Avalon Freeway, a beautiful drivable roadway that snakes it's way through half of the region, free cars available, or rez your own!
Market District filled with freebies and original content that you won't find anywhere on the HG.
Coral Reefs, Forests, Animated Mesh animals and fish.
Boating and Flying Cars! All Free!
Come enjoy today. We're finally open and the links are working.
*Avalon Reborn is an Adult Region*

Sunrise over the Floating Islands of New Risa

Some of the local fauna in the highlands.

Flying cars anyone? Just added in New Risa and all around the region, Rezzers! Fly, drive, boat and then walk away and poof! they're gone! Enjoy!

Someone has been griefing my sim, rezzing prims until the region is full and you can't walk. I located hundreds of prims people have left and returned them. Building is now turned off along with object entry and autoreturn is set to 10 minutes everywhere. I'm going to add temp rezzers for cars and boats.

Copper: Let me guess...an avatar with last name Kleenex? If you read OSW..the one now does that since months in any grids 2 months ago

Wondering if anyone is interested in renting a private island in Avalon Reborn? With house, private dock, speedboat and a few hundred prims. Send me a private message if you're curious.

Added a DJ booth to the Sky Disco in New Risa

Misty_Falls: KEWL!!... the floaty, bridged islands are a sweet touch. 3 months ago

MetaFoundry City mock up

MetaFoundry City mockup

Doing some upgrades to Club Poseidon. I might have a Metaverse get together soon.

Just added a NFT art gallery to the shopping district.

NFT Gallery at the Shopping District

Night in New Risa

New look for New Risa! More to come.

Doing a little work on New Risa, to conform to the look of Risa more. Proper Horga'hn shrine in place.

Space Lord is in the house. hehe.

The marina @ New Risa

Happy Holidays from Avalon Reborn

Had to get a selfie, before it vanishes.

Oh my!

Just added a dance circle to Club Poseidon.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on the hypergrid and open sim!

Boating with a friend is always better

Front view of USS Discovery with Aurora Borealis in background.

Top view of full scale USS Discovery over Avalon Reborn.

Sitting in the Heavenly Hot Springs with full scale USS Discovery in the background.

The Floating Islands of New Risa

Doing more work on The Great Machine.

The Great Machine rises! Rebuilding a variation of my Burn 2 2020 build in Second Life.

View of Avalon Reborn from the Southeast corner with New Risa and the Floating Mountains in the foreground.

Seagulls looking for a meal in the northern islands.

New undersea features added. Swim rezzers and more wrecks and reefs!

Relaxing in the hot springs on a floating island.

Rope bridges connect the islands

The Floating Islands of New Risa at night

Night view with aurora in background

View from the top Island

The Floating Islands taking shape.

View from the floating islands

A floating island over New Risa.

Just added a Sperm Whale

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Zoe Oriental feeling, with many things already made, for the few time it exists. Welcomed by Shimada, a very kind sim owner. I wish you success for the promising enterprise that you intend to do. Deserves a visit!
Red Erik Amazing Sim

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