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Avalon Reborn is a massive 4x4 region on the Destiny-Grid. It is the creation of Virtual builder and landscaper, Shimada Yoshikawa. Places to visit in the region include;
New Risa, a Star Trek / Sci Fi crossover theme, clothing optional beach club, where you can enjoy our lovely alien NPC hostesses. New Risa is based on the pleasure planet Risa, featured in Star Trek - TNG.
Poseidon, a beautiful open night club on the sea. We will start hosting events here soon.
The Island of Zen, a Japanese theme topiary island with tea room and Zen Gardens, a lovely place to relax with friends.
The Avalon Freeway, a beautiful drivable roadway that snakes it's way through half of the region, free cars available, or rez your own!
Market District filled with freebies and original content that you won't find anywhere on the HG.
Coral Reefs, Forests, Animated Mesh animals and fish.
Boating and Flying Cars! All Free!
Come enjoy today. We're finally open and the links are working.
*Avalon Reborn is an Adult, Clothing Optional Region*

I just added dozens of new AI Art images to the Titan Gallery (teleport pad is on the top floor of the main AI gallery)

Hello people of Open Sim! Destiny Grid is seeking new members. They have one of the best prices for sim rentals ($15 per month for up to 4x4 sim! $5 per month per 5000 extra prims). Use my avatar name: Shimada Yoshikawa as a reference.

Adding some hidden camping sites for couples. Avalon Reborn is an Adult sim, so come explore and play!

I added a couple more sports cars on temp rezzers at the parking area. Enjoy!

The balloon tour at night is very cool

Lots of wrecks and ruins and fish. Enjoy!

The Coral Reef Tour is open for business!

The Avalon Reborn balloon tour is open for business!

The balloon tour is working! It departs from the Welcome Island, does a complete circuit of the region and returns to the start point. It's a nice long pleasant ride, and a great way to see the whole layout. Coming soon, Submarine tour of the reefs!

Adding some fish to the reef

Vibranium discovered in Avalon Reborn! Rise Talokan!

New and improved Avalon Freeway is finished ahead of schedule. It's much better than before. I just took a few laps and it's much more drivable. Let me know what you think.

Shimada: It's still a little wonky in places. If anyone know how to make banked turns, let me know. Let me know of any problem spots if you run into them. 2 months ago
I'm starting a major roadway rebuild on Avalon Freeway. I wasn't happy with the mesh roadway and how cars behaved on it. I did a test, using regular prims and they worked better! So I'm rebuilding it all, a section at a time. Some parts might be tricky, but we'll see how it goes. It will probably take a few days to finish. Stay tuned!

Shimada: Roadwork is progressing nicely. It's about 60% finished. Should be done and reopened by sometime tomorrow. I'm widening the road and removing the draw bridges. 2 months ago

Strange visitors from another planet? Oh, I hope so!

Taking a balloon ride at dawn. I have a scripter working on a balloon tour script for me, so I'll be adding that as soon as I have it. Then the ride will do the full tour.

Wide view of Avalon Reborn from the north at sunset.

Metafoundry City at night.

Wow! That's a lot of visitors for 3 days.

SheaButter: That's three days, and a lot of Avitron. 2 months ago

More ground level details.

Lone Wolf: I got there ok Lorena from Wolf Territories grid it's pretty cool #love the starship deffo worth a visit. 2 months ago

Adding some signage and billboards. Who can spot the Easter eggs?

More storefronts

DebzFox: Got in finally on 3rd attempt 2 months ago

Adding some storefront textures and details. Signage next!

Lorena: Unable to verify identity 2 months ago

More signage.

Starting to add some neon

Jerralyn Franzic stopped by the office. My first visitor. :-)

Jerralyn Franzic: Thanks, it was fun chatting with you, Shimada. :) 2 months ago

Night over MetaFoundry City

One of of the small studio apartments I'm working on. Can't beat that view.

I've had a lot of visitors this week.

And I had to add a NPC receptionist

A few added details

Finished messing with it for a while

Gotta have a Conference Room too. ;-)

I added an Executive Office in MetaFoundry City, because, why not? ;-)

Jerralyn Franzic: Awesome! I'll have to play with this ASAP... :D 2 months ago

Bubbly :-)

Club Poseidon at night

Finally added a lava temp rezzer to my volcano. Now smoking, glowing balls of lava roll down the mountain into the water. I need to add a water splash script at the base now.

Thirza Ember: great balls of fire! 2 months ago

It's a little slow, but a fun ride.

Just added to the Welcome Island, The Oblivion Bubble Helicopter. It's on a rezzer, like the Fifth Element Taxi and Speedboat. Just hop in and go!

I just opened a Kitely store. There's only a couple of items in there now but I'll be filling it up in the coming weeks.
I still have the free shopping center in my sim too

SheaButter: If something is missing from product, do you reply to messages? I have bought from Kitely, and was missing some items. Messaged Kim last week, and still no word. 3 months ago

4 floors of AI Artwork! Created using Starryai and Midjourney!

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Zoe Oriental feeling, with many things already made, for the few time it exists. Welcomed by Shimada, a very kind sim owner. I wish you success for the promising enterprise that you intend to do. Deserves a visit!
Red Erik Amazing Sim

Region Comments

How do I verify my identity? I'm unable to visit because of a message saying "unable to verify identity.
Some people have had that problem, but usually get in on the third try. Keep trying.
Sadly I have tried many more times than that from several different grids too. I will try another day and hope for better luck. Thanks :)
Sorry about that. It's out of my control.
well i have been trying to get there for weeks now and sadly its always the same message "unable to verify identity" are HG teleports blocked for OSGrid users?
Also try accessing it from a different region, like avitron or kitely.
Reply from our people: "that message just means it is having trouble connecting to the DB. have him go to the Hypergrid sandbox first, then go to your region from there."
Thanks for the reply, I have tried teleporting from many different locations on the HG and your region is the only place that throws up this "unable to verify identity" message. I have never had that message trying to get to any other location.
Some places want you to accept their TOS before they will allow you to enter, so I assumed this was required to enter your region. Hence why I asked you how I verify my identity. Something clearly is not working right somewhere, and if I have to teleport from a specific unspecified region to get there then something is not working properly. Weather that is a problem on my end or on yours I'm unsure. All I know is this only happens when trying to get to your region and nowhere else I have ever been.
It's odd for sure. lots of other people who had issues eventually got in. Do you have a secondary account, like a free Kitely avatar you can try with? You're also welcome to sign up for a free Destiny Grid account. You can use me as a reference. https://destiny-grid.pleasecome.in/sledjchisl.fcgi/account...
I just visited this Avalon Reborn and it a pretty region :)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Amazing regions, I spent a lovely time out there. Thank you for the gifts you do ♥
Thanks so much for the kind words. Please come back anytime and bring friends!