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OSWRS (OpenSimWorkingRadioStreams)This region has several commercial free radios free to copy with full permissions to change however & whatever the new owner wishes.
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Fresh updates

Fresh updates

OSWRS Radios Updated 9/30/2021

French & German OSWRS Radios found at landing point of grid.metaversedepot.com:8002:OSWRS
The shame of it all is that the AllFranceRadio OSWRS actually has 33 24/7 CommercialFree streams found, but only a few of those have url's that can be used in OpenSim. The thing about stream urls is, some use 1 or 2 formats and some many more than that, and finding the exact ones that play inworld is a headache. Really would be great if OpenSim were to accept any and all. And yes, I know, I have no clue as to what exactly, having that happen would entail.
AllFranceRadio OSWRS
France1= http://stream.chantefrance.com/cf-60

France2= http://stream.chantefrance.com/cf-70

France3= http://stream1.chantefrance.com/cf-80

France4= http://stream.chantefrance.com/cf-emotion

France5= http://direct.francemusique.fr/live/francemusiquelajazz-hi...

France6= http://direct.francemusique.fr/live/francemusiqueeasyclass...

France7= http://mediaserv21.live-streams.nl:8000/live

France8= http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/adwz1/fr/30703/mp3_128.mp3?origine=...

France9= http://direct.francemusique.fr/live/francemusiqueclassique...

AllGermanRadio OSWRS
German1= http://radio.bronyradiogermany.com:8006/daydj


German3= http://internetradio.salue.de:8000/channel2


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TheReviewCommunity Conclusion: Attention, don't visit unless you want your ava to be copied and want to be surrounded by rubbish, spying, media scripts. In detail: This may sound a bit harsh, but let's break it down. Let's start with the positive: there are some freebies, but unfortunately they are spread randomly ...
Jupiter Rowland Three reasons why the radios from OSWRS are so great: One, they're full-perm. Two, the station lists are updated every once in a while. Three, the station lists are notecards that you can easily edit yourself, making it possible to add your own stations or rewrite the station list for your liking. ...
Dabici132 Shawn is a music lover and the well known Radio Guy in OpenSIm. The great thing about his radio offeing is that you ill find radio-objects for all circumstances, and some with special selction of music for hollidays. He has the best selection of radio and station listing and most importanly, he is ...

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cherie stone 2 years ago
Thank you very much for making these radios free for all. They work great and simple to use.