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A community that has made it it to its task to create fair ratings of regions based on different criteria that are scored. The following points are especially important to us:

* A nice starting point, especially for beginners and new visitors
* Own ideas and lovely implementation
* Whether the owner himself writes nice reviews and if not at least meets his own critique. We support criticism, but it goes both ways.

If you are dissatisfied with your review, please contact us. Criticism is a path to improvement and should move us all forward. Just remember, what you criticize at other places, we would also judge at yours.

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Conclusion: Attention, don't visit unless you want your ava to be copied and want to be surrounded by rubbish, spying, media scripts. In detail: This may sound a bit harsh, but let's break it down. Let's start with the positive: there are some freebies, but unfortunately they are spread randomly and disorganised across the region. The owner explicitly advertises his commercial free radio which ...


Conclusion: A world from another galaxy that everyone should have visited once. In detail: Indescribable, you have to see it. You get transferred to another galxy. A nice mix of free items I haven't seen anywhere else and places to explore. Unfortunately, the region is not very big and you quickly see everything. But that's complaining at a high level, because you just want to see more. The sta...


Conclusion: What a great place. Great starting point from which to explore unique places. This is exactly how a starting region should look, with teleport to unique places to explore. In detail: The first thing that stands out positively is the very fast-loading starting point. With a lot of attention to detail without overloading the viewer. You get exactly what you expect as a new visitor. In...

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