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Grainger Village, home of EM Construction. A new kind of freebie shop. Many homes and shops, all are set to copy or buy (for 0). You can also find various items of home decor, furniture and landscaping, everything you'll need to turn your house into a home. Best of all... it's all free!
Everything in the region should be available for free and full perms, if you come across anything i missed setting, please let me know. IM me if you're local to foundation grid or send me a notecard if you're an HG visitor. List the item name and I'll send you a copy and fix the one in world.

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NPC Santa photo scene - free to copy
1 months ago - 0 comments
various items of decor all for free
1 months ago - 0 comments
1 months ago - 0 comments
Some Buildings are set to "buy" just click the for sale sign and buy (for free)
2 months ago - 0 comments

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simonaskytower 1 months ago
Well done. Nice buildings, great place to just walk around and browse.
Lori 1 months ago
It a VERY good sim, many things to copy for free, ty so much, you do really nice good things for open sim.
mmicharis 2 months ago
the church I could not copy ;(
EthanM 2 months ago
The buildings that are complete and scripted have for sale signs outside of them (see the new picture I added). Just click on it and you can buy the contents for free.
JustynTyme 2 months ago
Great place!

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Very good place to visit, nice houses for free and many other things, easy to get around and see things , good plan, ty
Another successful place talking about creation and generosity thanks :))
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