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Arch Cape Village
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Arch Cape Village on the ground is a Pacific Northwest town with lovely forests. Also located there is Santa's Village. Dannecy City is located in the sky and has a Christmas Market and Festival of Trees! LOTS OF FREEBIES. Rides, fun, activities, pictures with Santa.
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Arch Cape is moving. A new adventure is on the way. Stay tuned!

PARTY GOING STRONG with DJ VIKTOR come on dance with us!

Birthday Bash Rave at The Rusty Nail
Where: Arch Cape Village
When: 9 months ago [28 Dec 2020 16:30 SLT]

Grand Opening Birthday Bash Rave at the Rusty Nail! Come rave with us to the techno beats of DJ Viktor!!!! Come as you are, it's casual. Leave the little ones at home. Adults only, no child avis.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Please stay safe, and remember to show love and kindness to all you meet. Love, Kathena

Are you ready for some SEXY Romantic time? December 28 at 3:00pm grid time. Come dance the night away to the beautiful songstress Rogue Galaxy as she fills the night with her jazz and blues. Put on those gorgeous gowns and suits and join us for the grand opening gala at the Celestial Ballroom located in Dannecy City at the Felix Felicis region.
You ready to PARTAY?! Come check out the grand opening of The Rusty Nail this Monday, Dec. 28th at 4:30pm grid time. DJ Kawaii will be spinning her best techno beats! Let's dance, get drunk and rave a little as I celebrate my RL birthday with you. Come as you are! Open bar ;)

Come to Dannecy's Christmas Market and pick up last minute gifts for your loved ones! Everything is FREE!!!!!! (Grab LM at landing site)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Santa's Village will remain open through New Year's Eve for all to enjoy. Come have fun exploring, riding the rides, taking pictures with Santa or going shopping.

Ice Skating Party today at 4PM SLT. Come one, come all! DJ Kawaii will be spinning her amazing dance music. Come skate, dance, or just party. Free skates available.

Would you like to relax with a nice cocktail? Hang out with your friends, or take your loved one on a date? Come check out the Penthouse Lounge located inside Le Marquis Hotel at Dannecy City in the Felix Felicis region.
JAZZ under the STARS
Where: Arch Cape Village
When: 9 months ago [28 Dec 2020 15:00 SLT]

Come celebrate the grand opening of the Celestial Ballroom under the Stars! The magnificent Rogue Galaxy will be singing live. Put on your gorgeous gowns ladies! Dust off those tuxes and suits gentlemen. This is a sexy formal event. Open bar, great views, gorgeous people, what's not to like ;)

Ice Skating Party at Santa's Village
Where: Arch Cape Village
When: 9 months ago [12 Dec 2020 16:00 SLT]

Come have some fun at Santa's Village. We have free skates! DJ KAWAII will be spinning! Come for the tunes and skating, stay for the hot cocoa, rides, and exploring. Looking forward to seeing you there!

ICE SKATING PARTY TOMORROW!!! We have DJ KAWAII spinning from 4pm to 6pm at Santa's Village. Come as you are, we have free skates here. Can't wait to see you.

Have you been scared of visiting a Gingerbread House in the woods? Nothing to worry about in Santa's Village! This house is filled with treats! Go inside and get yourself a delicious cupcake.

You guys! Look at this awesome Hanukkah tree I found at Arkham - Kingman Furniture Design. hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Kingman%20Furniture%20De...

Come take a ride through the Candy Cane forest at Santa's Village and enjoy the scenery.

Come for the freebies. Stay for the sites! Take your time exploring this beautiful sim, filled with picturesque views, large forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and beaches. Don't forget to visit Santa along the way.

Do you like to shoot? Check out the games at Dannecy City near the Christmas Market.

Weather report from Santa's Village. SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!

Jolly Old Saint Nick spotted challenging people to a dance off at the Christmas at Dannecy City. Doubt you can out dance the jolly man. Felix Felicis region.

DJ Frosty chillin' at the park in downtown Arch Cape. Felix Felicis Region

Reggie the Elf knows how to get down! Who's going to dance with him? Find him and his brothers at Santa's village. Felix Felicis region

Looking for elegant men's clothing for all of those holiday parties coming up? Come visit Arch Cape Village to shop at the one and only Kingsman's Tailors.

The Freebie Christmas Decor and more box is located at the Downtown park of Arch Cape Village.

Are you looking for a Christmas gift, or more decorations? Check out the Christmas Market at Dannecy City now open at Felix Felicis. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping. FREEBIES

Santa's Village is now open!

Check out the Festival of Trees. Freebie box is set out that includes ALL of the trees in the park!

Do you want to explore the city? Take the TP over to Dannecy and check out the Christmas Market or Festival of Trees at the central park! Tons of freebies.

Santa's Village is now open! Come see where the elves make the toys. Have fun ice skating on the lake, riding on the carousel or Waltzer, take a horse and buggy ride through the candy cane forest, or just get some coffee with the elves!

Get your picture taken with Santa!

Welcome to Arch Cape Village at Felix Felicis. Now the home of Santa's Village. Come explore the little town, the shops, the forests, and ride around the sim. There are plenty of freebies, to include Christmas decorations!

He's coming for you. He's waiting in the woods. Come if you dare to Camp Crystal Lake.

Where can I find the best Male Avatar components?

Does anyone know if Foundation Grid is down? I've been trying to get there for a few minutes from both my OSgrid avi and my Alternate Metaverse avi and it keeps saying to regions found.

Who made this?

In my many trips around the HG, I came across this beautiful sculpture. Does anyone know who the artist is? I would love to give them credit for this amazing piece of art.


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Had a great time exploring your sim and doing the quest. The maze was bananas!!!! Loved it!


Fantastic place!!!!! I'm obsessed with I love Lili stuff and OMG it was jackpot. Just when I thought I got my fill of all things wonderful I found the Nemo bar....GENIUS! I adore octopus stuff and can't find it anywhere. This place is gorgeous. It has an elegant art deco / steampunk vibe and it is absolutely beautiful. Now if I could only find where to buy the octopus stuff I would be the happiest...

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