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The Sanctuary
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Little parcel to make for the four seasons of the year will change in year. Also big parcel is for Avebury _ in UK
more info


The Sactuary _ Four Seasons _ parcel for everything free christmas

these are lovely building from johnboy.snoodle2panthera.grid.club:8002 ........ Look in opensimworld for his place, is nice buildings, many kinds

Is nice church, lots of free things i get from opensim, this open taken from EPIC CASTLE OAR from somewhere at Kitely

This is real Avebury, i try to make

little parcel with lots of winter and christmas free to copy things, called Four Seasons. Also larger parcel is for to create Avebury UK. I visit this place and like it very much, it is lots of history

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This is very good grid :). Very magical, creative, special build. It is good to look around and get ideas. I do not know how they do allthis in just 6 days. Is amazing. but a good buid.

Harmony Meadows

Is very very pretty and lots of work and things for free, you do a good work, ty

OSCC Keynote 1

There is registration but maybe you also have problems with going straight to Keynote area... maybe try to go to OSCC HG LANDING ZONE first.... OSCC%20HG%20Landing%20Zone/129/132/39

OSCC Expo Zone 5

Many expo areas for next two days and many other things to look at and learn about, is good place

Clutterfly Extension

Is very good plan, i see other clutterfly but not set out nice like this one, very easy to find things. bery nice ty


I wish people could see this before joining... it is NOT open sim, need to delete from this site...cannot hypergrid to many places. get many error message on region. like cannot rez parcel full, when there is 13000 still left. many places in digiworldz.. no longer exist. is still grid. Teaching is boring,


It is to make me feel like child again. Wonderland. Many items free. ty so much you are very kind for these giveaway. Merry Christmas to You


Very good place to visit, nice houses for free and many other things, easy to get around and see things , good plan, ty


I get snow HUD and also flower HUD for free, is good hud. thank you

Snoodle World

Great region, so many items, if not all are free. Nice houses, easy to get around and lots and lots of nice looking animals to get, if the farm thing is your scene. Well done region. ty

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