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Hello Everyone !

Hey, Spring is finally arrived at NOVALE.

To this year Spring Season we have added two new special areas : The Maple Grove with Sugar Shack and The Conservatories of Ancient Easters Valley. Naturally it is spring everywhere in Novale, not just in those two sites.

Landing is in the Welcome Camp situated in the South West corner of the Novale. Novale is a 3x3 var region and the two new sites are situated in the northern third of the region. The best way to reach these two new areas is to take the dandelion rides. Both rides start near the welcome camp, just over the bridge.

Naturally spring is everywhere in Novale, not just in those two new sites. Novale is a seasonal region. The entire sim is changes 4 times a year according to the seasons in Eastern Canada.

Do not miss the 2020 Easter Hunt : for all chocolate lovers !

More info on the hunt and more is in the notecard that you will received at landing. Before leaving the welcome camp, have a look to the region map.

Have fun hunting and enjoy spring !
Dabici and Kelso

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shawnkmaloney OSWRS Fantastic every year. :)
Tigerkitti Eberdene I have been here before 2019, so I came back to see it again. Wonderfully designed with many details and a real-life feel. If you only do a fly-over you are missing too much! From skating and skiing to just walking about taking it all in, this place is lovely. You may want to try and rescue the poor...
Sheila Devonshire I loved my short visit on this sim. It is absolutely beautiful I will be back to explore more tomorrow !!! Excellent building - Thank you for the cute Christmas Items :)) I loved what I saw and can't wait to return. Excellent addition to O.S. :) thank you for all of your hard work. xoxo

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Cheyanne88 23 days ago
I cannot get to Novale i put in your url and it says not found
Dina 6 months ago
eine sehr schöne Sim mit vielen schönen Ecken mit Pferd und Schlitten fahren und Ski laufen es war wunderschön danke Dabici für deine Führung über die Sim
Dabici132 5 months ago
Vielen Dank Dina, komm mal wenn du willlst.
Bink Draconia 6 months ago
(Winter-)Novale has best ski-tour(s) I've seen in Opensim yet! Tour path starts automatically after sitting on one of the ski tour prims - so you can take red discent without any risk. Cable railways bring you back to the mountain's top again - you need not walk uphill. Well done!!!
Dabici132 6 months ago
Exact, no need to walk uphill again. Best however is to get the equipment at the downhill ski station near the main chairlift.
annawright 6 months ago
One of my all time favourites in the OpenSim! I love Novale in every season!
Dabici132 6 months ago
Hello Anna, thanks for your good words !
Tainted Angel 6 months ago
Awesome world. Is winter coming? I see pictures, would love to visit.
Dabici132 6 months ago
Oh thank you ! And yes, winter has arrived - come and enjoy winter !
Tainted Angel 6 months ago
kindra Turian 7 months ago
Thank you for the fun you gave us today in exploring your sim!! This is soooo great.. sooo spooktacular!!
Dabici132 7 months ago
Thank you Kindra, you made our day! I hope you had a chance to take one of our boat rides and to visit the haunted valley.
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 8 months ago
This place is a must see and HEAR for any hypergrid traveller. :)
Dabici132 8 months ago
thanks Shawn for your radios and visits