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Hello Everyone !
Winter has arrived at Novale with so many ways to enjoy it.
Still 12 days to go with our Xmas-Tree Advent Calendar at our Xmas market : a new gift everyday and do not miss the last one on Xmas eve!

Novale offers a lot of winter activities : sleigh rides with Santa, country ski rides, downhill ski for beginner, intermediary and expert skiers. snow saucer and tobogan rides, skating and a lot of habitats and nice places to hang out. Just not disturb Santa who is taking a rest before the Xmas-Eve.
There is a lot of snow. Warm outfit highly recommanded !

Dabici & Kelso

Noel Weihnacht Natale Xmas Navidad Christmas

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Dina 1 months
eine sehr schöne Sim mit vielen schönen Ecken mit Pferd und Schlitten fahren und Ski laufen es war wunderschön danke Dabici für deine Führung über die Sim
Dabici132 1 months
Vielen Dank Dina, komm mal wenn du willlst.
Bink 2 months
(Winter-)Novale has best ski-tour(s) I've seen in Opensim yet! Tour path starts automatically after sitting on one of the ski tour prims - so you can take red discent without any risk. Cable railways bring you back to the mountain's top again - you need not walk uphill. Well done!!!
Dabici132 2 months
Exact, no need to walk uphill again. Best however is to get the equipment at the downhill ski station near the main chairlift.
annawright 2 months
One of my all time favourites in the OpenSim! I love Novale in every season!
Dabici132 2 months
Hello Anna, thanks for your good words !
Taintedangel 2 months
Awesome world. Is winter coming? I see pictures, would love to visit.
Dabici132 2 months
Oh thank you ! And yes, winter has arrived - come and enjoy winter !
Taintedangel 2 months
kindraTurian 3 months
Thank you for the fun you gave us today in exploring your sim!! This is soooo great.. sooo spooktacular!!
Dabici132 3 months
Thank you Kindra, you made our day! I hope you had a chance to take one of our boat rides and to visit the haunted valley.
This place is a must see and HEAR for any hypergrid traveller. :)
Dabici132 3 months
thanks Shawn for your radios and visits
Sexxylady 1 years
hey dabici i am from dynamic worldz grid and i am very interested in getting your skating snowmen for my ice rink i love your region!!! my region in DW is called HARMONY!!! it is located here on opensim i host karaoke every thursday night 8pm est which is 5pm slt Please leave a message on my page on how i can get the skating snowmen thank you
falene 2 years
voila une région active toute l'année suivant les saisons, sympathique qui mérite plus de visites et de likes que cela
allons un petit effort braves visiteurs et visitrices, votez et likez
merci pour Dabici
KrypticKayos 2 years
Some things I can say about this lovely location is that the Dabici was super helpful , friendly and nice. There are plenty of interactive rides in this winter wonderland . So, if you like to explore it is nice. There is a market outdoor if you like holiday treats and gifts. My experience was a good one.
Dabici132 2 years
Thanks Kryptic, your good words are really appreciated. Feel free to visit us anytime. Please Note tha Novale changes 4 times a year, according to NE Canada Seasons.
Moora 2 years
Novale is amazing !! one of the best in OS great job !
Dabici132 2 years
Wow, thansk Moora. Come any time, however as Novale is a 4D region, we have an additional dimension: time. The region changes 4 times a year according to Ne Canada seasons.
Bink 3 years
NOVALE is one of the most beautiful regions in OpenSim.
Thank you Dabici - you and your partner did a great work!!!
Dabici132 3 years
In this new video, we showcase our new cross country tours.
Dabici132 3 years
have a look on my 1st machinima showcasing the Sleigh ride destination : Bretzel Mill
Pasha 3 years
Perfect Christmas Thank you
VicTaurus 3 years
Island beautiful, with freebies of excellent quality, exemplary reception, Dabici a very attentive person !!!!!

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Fantastic every year. :)
I have been here before 2019, so I came back to see it again. Wonderfully designed with many details and a real-life feel. If you only do a fly-over you are missing too much! From skating and skiing to just walking about taking it all in, this place is lovely. You may want to try and rescue the poor...
I loved my short visit on this sim. It is absolutely beautiful I will be back to explore more tomorrow !!! Excellent building - Thank you for the cute Christmas Items :)) I loved what I saw and can't wait to return. Excellent addition to O.S. :) thank you for all of your hard work. xoxo
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