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*** AUTUMN at NOVALE ***
Come and enjoy the contrasts of rich colors and darkness of Fall!
A visit to NOVALE, during the Fall season, is a sort of immersive of treat or trick or live and death experience. On the south side of Novale’s middle mountain, you can enjoy the treat, the explosion of colors natural habitats and the celebration of the abundance of harvest. Go over the ridge and feel the tricky side, the myths of Halloween with its maleficent characters and near-death experience.
About Novale : Novale is a seasonal region showcasing Eastern Canada's seasons. We change the OAR 4 times per year. The four seasons are not shown simultaneously. Novale is a 4x4 region.

Trick or Treat
Dabici & Kelso

La vallée hantée (the haunted Valley) of Novale

YARR ... Summer is there and the pirates are already back

Welcome to Novale's maple groove and Sugar Shack
Discover the sweetest ever tradition from Eastern Canada

harthelie: super je vais me faire une joie de visiter 8 months ago
Am 25. und 26. Dezember verwandelt sich die Novale-Adventsjagd in eine Weihnachts- und 2. Weihnachtsfeiertags-Schatzsuche.

Wenn Sie irgendwo auf den Adventsbaum klicken, der sich neben dem Gewächshaus in der Nähe des Landepunkts befindet, erhalten Sie eine Notizkarte mit einer vollständigen Liste der 24 Hinweise, die nacheinander zwischen dem 1. und 24. Dezember veröffentlicht wurden. Verwenden Sie die Hinweisliste, um Weihnachtskugeln zu finden, die in der Region verstreut sind. Alle Weihnachtskugeln werden aktiv sein und ihr Geschenk bei Berührung (vorausgesetzt, Sie stehen in einem Abstand von 5 m oder weniger von der Kugel) vergeben.

Wenn Sie den Advent ein paar Tage verpasst haben, ist dies Ihre Gelegenheit, Ihre Serie von 24 exklusiven Geschenken zu vervollständigen.

Von Dabici und Kelso

On Dec. 25th and 26th, the Novale Advent Hunt will transform into a Xmas and Boxing Day Treasure Hunt.

If you click anywhere on the Advent tree located near the greenhouse close to the landing point, you will get a notecard containing a complete list of the 24 hints that were released one by one between Dec. 1st and Dec. 24th. Use the hint list to locate Xmas baubles scattered in the region. All Xmas baubles will be active and give their gift on touch (provided that you stand at a distance of 5 m or less from the bauble).

If you missed a few days during the Advent, this is your opportunity to complete your series of 24 exclusives gifts.

From Dabici and Kelso
Meilleurs voeux de Noël à tous nos amis d'Opensim et en particulier à tous ceux qui ont visité les quatre saisons de Novale au cours de la dernière année. Au plaisir de vos revoir tous l'an prochain.

Die besten Weihnachtswünsche an alle unsere Opensim Freunde, insbesondere an alle, die Novale vier Jahreszeiten im vergangenen Jahr besucht haben. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie alle im nächsten Jahr wiederzusehen.

Best Christmas wishes to all our Opensim friends, especially to everyone who has visited Novale four seasons over the past year. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Dabici Straulino & Kelso Uxlay

Home Sweet Home - Arriving just in time for Xmas

Snowy winter at the northern camp

Symphony: eets so pretty. 11 months ago

Nothing like line dancing with the elves on December 21st

Hoping for Santa to come soon . . .

Elsa and Anna are residents of the Frozen Mountain
You may encounter them along the cross-country ski path.

Jerralyn Franzic: Oh... now this is super cute lol 12 months ago
Here is a prototype of a binocular co-developed
by Aaack (ArcadiaShop) and Kelso Uxlay (Creanovale.grid).
Come and try it, it is situated at the Lookout Platform of the Frozen Mountain
It can be used as a long distance binocular and as a teleporter.

Ever visited Novale's Country Club?
This is the perfect activity to warm you up,
after you immersive experience of Novale's winter sports

Did you ever try our 7km cross-country ski tour ?
Get your ski gears at the kiosk near landing and sit on the block
The treck is in Sections, the block here is for the 2nd part of
the frozen mountain pathway, bringing you to the polar bear world.
The Ride is pre-programmed, just enjoy the landscape

Do not hesitate to visit the houses located on the plateau
surrounding the Christmas Market and discover
the diversity of Christmas and winter ambiances.

RobinSisson123: I was here recently and it's so beautiful! This picture is also stunning. 12 months ago

Winter Night with full moon,
when snowmen get alive and wave at visitors

Skating northward, beyond the montain ridge can be hazardous.
If you encounter a hungry polar bear or if you are facing low blizzard
look around for a refuge to spend the night.

Jack enjoys his life in his isolated and very humble house
Like he said : « Thanks God, I have everything I need: food, a good stove
confortable beds, light and even good music ! »

A lot of snow can be fun
But it can also be rough for roofs.
If you are lucky, you might find an Elf to help you
Or.. the other way around, if you find and Elf, you will be lucky :)

In each Novale's season, there is a dedicated Dancing Place
In Winter we are Dancing on Ice, near the Ice Palast

If you come to our xmas market,
make sure you take the time to visit the
houses on the plateau surrounding the market
we love adding details to let you imagine a their stories.

Oh my God, time flies ! Already a third of our Advent Hunt is over.
Still 16 treasure gifts to find.
A word of caution though, as indicated inworld :
Please do not use Santa's throne near Sant & Co. It is poorly scripted!
Joyeux deuxième dimanche de l'Avent
Schönen Zweiten Advent Sonntag
Merry 2dn Sunday of Advent
This traditional Advent Candles is available at our Xmas Market
There is a flame in its content so you can lightup candles every Sunday

Dabici132: If you came to get this centerpiece, I am sorry... for reason that I can't explain, it was impossible to take a copy. It is now set to buy for $0 and was checked with my alternate from another grid. ... 12 months ago
During Winter, Novale offers to hypergrid visitors 4 teleport hubs to facilitate their exploration of its diverse winter habitats. Here is the Winter Greenhouse, the Hub nearby the landing. Each hub contents Teleport boards to Novale's destinations. These Hubs can also help visitors to decode the Advent Hunts clues.
You will find over 25 Winter destinations at our Travel Agency
Those destinations are in different grids
Use the Novale Teleport Hub (the greehouse close to landing)
To find a tp board to the Christmas Market

Dabici132: Novale's Winter Travel Agency now offers36 Winter Hypergrid winter destinations 12 months ago

Did you ever visited our Travel Agency for Winter Lovers ?
It is situated at our Christmas Market Place

Come and participate to our Advent Hunt 2022 from Dec. 1st to Xmas.
Once you are out of the Xmas Globe, walk toward the Greehouse nearby
The calendar in a shape of tree is very obvious
Click the Xmas Bauble on the ground to get info on the Hunt
Have Fun !

Kelso.Uxlay: Merci pour le commentaire et le like sur la région 12 months ago

Hey, Winter is now arrived at Novale!
and with Winter...
our Christmas Market place
Happy fist Sunday of Advent

A last look at the Haunted Valley in Novale's Autumn 2022
Thank you to everyone who visited us this Fall
Novale will be back online later in November
just in time for Advent ! See you soon !

The harvest continues.
Our reserves of grain, fruits and veggies are almost completed.
Clock is ticking... Novale's Autumn Season is closing tomorrow, Nov. 12th !

Jamie Wright: I was happy I got to visit the Autumn Novale and looking so forward to your winter build. Beautiful and immersive as always:) 1 years ago

At Novale we are preparing for Winter.
We are picking the last few Apples and harvesting cereals.
Still a few days before the end of Autumn (Nov 12th).

Autum at Novale ends on November 12th
Still only a few days to enjoy Autumn at the farm

River: I must visit here soon! My previous visits have been amazing! 1 years ago

Novale Autumn Season will close on November 12, 2022.
Only a few days to enjoy its colourful Autumn habitats

KrisTina: Simple yet detailed. 1 years ago
On recevait aujourd'hui les amis de la communauté francophone
Ici quelques uns d'entre eux font la traversée entre la Vallée Hantée
et Les profondeurs des ténèbres, lieu de la course au trésor.

MinordLoup: et bien sur, qui fais encore le pitre ? lol 1 years ago

A calm autumn evening in Novale

KrisTina: Very nice picture, Love it! :) 1 years ago

The 11 Caves Hunt : 1st page of its story book
Courageous hunters who complete the hunt
get the Royal Reward : It is all about bones !

Invitation to a guided tour of Novale's key Halloween attractions.
Tour will be done in English with Voice and marginal use of chat
Count about 60-90 minutes for the tour
Uncheck 'Enable Voice' prior to TP. You can enable it again once landed.
Make sure you check what is your current time with respect to SLT
Unfortunately time change in Fall is not done in synch

''The Vampires Cave''
One of the 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt occurs.
Come, look for bones and get the royal reward !

'The Spider and Devil Cave'
One of The 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt occurs.
Hold on you courage and join the hunt
For a nice immersive experience

'' The workspace of a modern witch ''
One of the 11 caves of the Halloween Hunt at Novale
October 22nd to 31st.

''The 11 Caves Hunt'' in Novale
At landing, click the little wood boat
You then call a boat for a ride to the Hunt site
Infos on the hunt are in books ...

Dabici132: We had intermittent issues with the books. They are working now. Sometimes though you may have to click 2 or 3 time to flip the first page. The pages must be heavy :) The book content : info about ... 1 years ago

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Aaack Ah yes, this place. I just visited it and I don't think I managed to explore a 25% of it. This is a place you need to see! At my arrival I started to walk in a random direction and bumped against a bell, upon click it razzed a tour boat. Since I'm very lazy I thought "why not?" and suddenly i was...
Debra Ann Congi Beautiful sim. Lots going on here and friendly. I enjoyed my visit.
Thirza Ember Dabici and Kelso are extraordinary builders. Smooth scripts and a stunning landscape make this one of the most fun places to go in the hypergrid. Frequently updated to reflect the changing seasons, it also has lots of beautiful freebies and photo opportunities. Thanks for having the Safari visit !

Region Comments

I strongly advise visitors to dress appropriately. Seasons change, summer is warm, the other seasons aren't, and winter is pretty cold here. This is Québec after all.

Also, if you want to hike on the trail, you'd better wear sturdy and comfortable shoes or boots. This isn't exactly an asphalt road. So, ladies, leave your high heels at home.

Generally, bring a bag for what the mill and the farm have to offer. In summer, pack some swimwear there's a little beach along the trail, and I recommend you to hike clockwise so that you pass the harder parts of the trail before you can cool down and relax at the beach.

Oh, and Captain Kelso's tour is actually under water, so you will need swimwear or a wetsuit and some diving/SCUBA gear. You can get that at the entrance of the tour, but you may want to bring your own.
Really nice comment! Say hello to your sister for me.
What a great way to tell a story about Novale notwithstanding the well informed advise to hypergrider so to get the most of their visit. Vielen Dank !
Hello Shawn Novale is open and ready for radio check :). Have fun !
You just got me singing "I'm in the army now. tah da da da da tee da" (radio check was my forte in the army along with driving a tank). I'll check it when there's not such a crowd there. I looked earlier on the Novale OSW page and saw 3 avs there before your invite, I sure hope those aren't NPC's and Satyr boots the region. :)
@Dabici132 Check yer beacon please, and when yer done with that, unban me will ya? so I can keep nagging you to update all yer radios. I know I'm not banned so please dont type the sad "Sorry". Please please PLEASE dont type that. Oh, and know that I jumped to Novale tonight to make sure your region was up before I typed a mess of characters about it in public.
Hi Shawn, I will update the beacon as soon as Novale Winter is ready to receive visitors. We are in the process of upgrading to 9.2 and in enlarging the SIM. As soon as it is open, I will let you know :)
Ohhhh, well that's a lil bit understandable Dab's. it would be more understandable If I got YOUR explanation of why a visitor is banned instead of the banning notice that I saw. Just to be clear, the grid is still up, just not set for hypergrid right? Or is just that the region is set to "Allow only residents and groups listed below" and not the usual "Anyone can visit"? I'm just wanting to know what causes that unwanted banning notice that appears to everyone when it is not an intentional dramatic notice. I look forward to seeing and hearing Christmas Season in Novale. :)
Hello Shawn, we are currently dealing with two grids, the old one and the new one. The new is not yet visible in hypergrid. The old is detectable but closed with access only to the group of two members (Kelso and I). The damm banned message is generated by the system, automatically when a grid is closed to all visitors except us both. I cannot edit that message and I hate it very much so. Let's hope that this will change with the upgrade. We are working intensively and needs to close access to the two grids to uptimize the resources used. And, be reassured, you are not banned from Novale.
Do you have to be a member of the region. Could not get a copy of the many cool items you have. Especially the skeleton with bass. Have a collection of many skeletons.
Hello SheaButter, Novale is a private region open to visitors, we have no residents beyond the owner team. Novale is not a shopping region however you do not need to be a member of the region to take a copy of the items that are copyable. Anyone can take a copy of the DoubleBass skeleton player in the Castle's Ballroom. If you are taking about the musicians that are on the stage of the dancing palace, these are not objects but NPCs. I am not offering those. You can create them yourself. To do them I use a skeleton avatar that I have bought on Kitely market, a duster coat that can be found in must shopping mall and halloween masks that I found a while ago at foundation grid.

I am not sharing all my creations but you can find some of them at the little curiosity shoppe. With respect to the many other objects that are in Novale and created by others, I tend to leave them with full permission if this is how they were offered originally.
thank you!
Just visited this wonderland again, cannot encourage you enough to visit. Fun, scenic, friendly. Outstanding! A feast for a travelers eyes.
Every year when the autumn Halloween goes up is the best day ever. Thank you. I love Novale. I love it doubly in this season:)
This is the greatest, funny and playful winter sim i ever visit. And i travel a lot. My compliment, evry corner, every scene is made with love and a eye for details. All tells a little story. I can just say: visit it people - if not you will miss a lot of fun.
Thanks AeaonFelisimo for you appreciation for Novale in winter state. Novale is seasonal, its OAR is changed 4 times a year according to our real season. Winter will remain online until early March and be replaced by Spring State, accessible from Spring Equinoxe Day. .