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Lbsa Plaza
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1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter avatars available here.

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Lauren The central community of Osgrid is one that brings the RL poisons of hate, prejudice and anger to the virtual world, where it needn't be. They are very quick to bash those in the LGBT community and give black and colored avis a difficult time for standing around just like everyone else does. If you ...
thedeeferry This plaza is so busy. Never a dull moment. Great place to meet lots of friendly folks. Howdy ya'll! Hugs
IrisMcPherson the other reviewer is right. Osgrid is run by one sided jerks. They allow people who act immature and childish to have the run of the place ...and i even freaking apologized to the one person who was the one rude to me in the first place but nope.........still get banned. i got no warning no i...

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Troy Resident 8 days ago
it seems to me that instead of the administration there is a monkey who was given a hammer torus lol
Troy Resident 8 days ago
Greetings to all. today someone from the Osgrid administration blocked my avatar Troy Matrix without giving a reason. thus discredited themselves as a professional support service. This is the laziest customer service I've ever met. Due to this unfriendly situation, I want to tell everyone. I will no longer share with you my assets and things, knowledge, ideas and scripts. From all the sites on which I posted all this, I delete. It will no longer be available to you. Move on in the old shit. The more you do good, the angrier you are towards those who create something useful for you. you don't value the time of others. I wonder who am I disturbing here??? .Today osgrid is recognized by me as not a friendly grid. I will not understand and look for reasons. Blocking for no reason is your ugly right. I will now do exactly the same as you do. also wildly, also arrogantly and categorically. Believe me, I have plenty of opportunities for this. From today I block osgrid in my grid for life. I will also send this note of outrage to all my friendly grids and ask them to take the necessary action against the inhabitants of Osgrid as well. Osgrid discredited himself as a hypergrid. I no longer serve Osgrid. Have a great day or night or evening everyone. Also, if in this situation I find political motives, it will be even worse. Blocking me for being Russian and looool is very dirty. Farewell. Minus two will never be with you again. Sincerely - not your Troy Matrix
wicked 12 days ago
Looking for where the people are? Trying to get assistance? Looking to make a friend? Wanting somewhere to go and see what's happening at all hours? Then this is the place for you to go. Are there good people there? Yes. Do some not so good people come to this location? Yes, it is a virtual world and a welcome area so that is un-avoidable but it lately it is minimal on the bad element and they do not stay long. Rules? Yes, like any good place that is filled with people it is a must as it is the area where most of all opensim comes and goes out of it is necessary but not un-reasonable, most is common sense. Can You have fun there? Yes and be silly if you like. Does that area allow mute and block? Yes. If you for some reason do not like what you hear then it is a simple click of a button, You can turn sound on or sound off as well as block and mute. We all have things we prefer to hear and things we do not. I think it is more than worth the visit. Do people go afk there like in sl? Yes, though most are just in private im or multi-tasking. Most respond with an im if not no worries there're plenty of people. I been in opensim for years and it is still the " it" place to go.
JFlame 5 months ago
I don't mind coming here for about 5 minutes or less every time I log in. I have met one person who is stable, intelligent and respectful that I am friends with . We speak occasionally and that seems to work for both of us. Anyone else there that I have friended, I have unfriended again as they were just not friend material for me. Most people just say "hi" which doesn't achieve much if not followed by intelligible conversation.
Lots of private IMing so what you see and hear on the surface is not what is really going on. Other than well meaning non talkers there are a lot of very angry aggressive and rude avatars with no social skills just waiting to pour their filthy wrath on innocent bystanders. I have blocked and derezzed a number of them and will continue to do so to spoil their vitriolic rages. LOL I do imagine they are busy continuing to say nasty and nonsensical things about all and sundry ...and I just don't care as I cannot see or hear them.
FreyaJo8 2 years ago
I was there two days ago and had a ball, it was fun and the people there at that time were gregarious, fun and a pleasure to be around, kudos Lbsa Plaza, I will be back to enjoy more of the fun, thank you
Inspirenature 3 years ago
first time I came to opensimi enjoyed the warm welcome of ppl of this grid and this sim :)
Juan Angel Lopez Diaz 3 years ago
Good evening everyone, recently there will be my own grid to hypergrid And I'm needing staff of all kinds More information by private message to whom you may be interested In my profile you will have the link., To my grid. A greeting from Spain