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I thought I'd discuss land pricing - I'm offering 1024x1024 var regions in my ocean for $24.99 a month with 80k prims and smaller parcels for $4.99 per month. (TBH I can do more prims for the same price but no one really goes over 20k prims) I've converted the Euro price where applicable below. if you want more I give discounts depending on the land size up to your own server which you can have console access on.

All my regions come with gloebits and voice enabled.

Metroland up to 1024x1024 EUROS 29.99 per month $32.27 (shutting down end of june) which started all this....
KITELY 4x4 120k prims $39.95 / month
AVIWORLDS 4x4 (16 Region Equivalent - 160,000 Prims) $50.00/mo
ZETAWORLDS 4x4 (50kP PRIMS) $26.55

Wolf Territories Grid is the 3rd largest grid by land according to , I have 10 servers and some incredible tech running behind (see my youtube channel )

Sure you can rent land for $5 a month and even get free land in OpenSim you do pay for what you get *BECAUSE* of the cost of running servers.

The main advantage of Wolf Territories Grid is the fact that its 720 odd square KM of land, rivers and mountains JOINED TOGETHER which you won't find elsewhere at that scale. So instead of having to TP to an event for instance you can just jump in a boat and sail there. I have regions that are pre-terraformed as well.

You want your OAR or IAR loaded, no problems, you can also download it. I don't use DIVA now I have built a custom front end for the web I have over 1.2 petabytes of storage (expandable), so I can pretty much take anything.

I think my prices are competitive bearing in mind I'm not offering the standard region sitting out all alone on its own.