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DJ Kith's "THIS IS YOUR HOUSE" Friday Night Blues Party at Rockin' The Blues! 7:30!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
When: Tonight at 7:30![13 May 2022 19:30 SLT]
Are you ready to Party?!! Then Rockin' the Blues is the Place for YOU!!! DJ Kith takes the stage from 7:30 to 9:00 PM tonight!!! There are many genres of blues, and Kith delves down rabbit holes until he finds extraordinary contemporary blues tunes with a high-powered beat! They'll make you dance 'til your puppies are barking!!!! And you won't find a friendlier, more welcoming bunch than The Tribe here at Wyldwood Bayou Grid!! So, whether you're an old friend or a newcomer, come on down to the Bayou and Dance like there's no tomorrow!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues