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In honor of my 2 year REZDAY at OSGRID.. I asked myself what I would like for my Rezday.. and I only had one answer.. Say a HUGE THANK YOU TO OSGRID! to GIVE BACK to OSGRID! I have met so many wonderfully talented, smart, friendly, welcoming, non-judgemental people in OSGRID.. I have been performing here at OSgrid for the past 2 years.. and I truly feel so very blessed.. so THANK YOU OSGRID.. This is a LIVE MUSIC CONCERT REZDAY PARTY from me to YOU! THANK YOU! YOU ALL RAWK!

★ ════ ☆12:pm - MARQS DESADE
★ ════ ☆ 1:pm - BILLY TALON
★ ════ ☆ 2:pm - HOLLY GILES
★ ════ ☆MAP: Plaza