Craw Daddy's Juke Joint is proud to present BlindBoink Parham.. aka (RL) Mick Martin, blues recording artist, singer, guitar player, & picker of old blues and folk!

As a child in Appalachia, Mick Martin grew up listening to the mountain music that was a natural part if his surroundings, which is evident in his unique sound and guitar picking style - it's true "Country Blues". Mick’s mother(Mildred)was a singer. Her sister(Dorothy)played the harmonica and the third sister(Annie)a guitar player and singer. "The Daneker Sisters" had played on the radio and opened for medicine shows when they came to town. Other close relatives who lived in the deep and rolling hills of Appalachia played the fiddle and banjo while calling square dances. Mick's aunt (Annie),who is 99 years old, still sings "Old Southern Gospel" music as she did in church more than 80 years ago. As a young adult Mick traveled around the country playing music, supporting himself financially by performing as both a solo act and with a band. He also has a passion for teaching and taught "ACOUSTIC GUITAR" for several years at "The Music Emporium" which is now located near Boston, Mass.

Check out BlindBoinks Music here: https://www.reverbnation.com/mickmartin/songs

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