As of 5/4/21 Gloebit has been down for 29 days, which means transactions at the store will fail. I'll post an update if that ever comes back online.

Starting the week of 5/3/21, I will begin adding my full inventory to the Kitely Market, but this will take some time. You can see my Kitely Market store here:
I will continue to maintain the physical store here on YCFS grid where you can view and walk through my items.

Lunaria Emporium is here to help you complete your own personal vision. I sell only the highest quality original mesh, structures, and decor to take your world to a higher, more realistic level. Below are some of the many items we carry:

-Medieval castles, tapestries, furniture, thrones, and weapons
-Asian structures, decor, lighting, statues, and art
-Building components such as windows, doors, columns, stairs, railing, and bridges
-Decor items such as furniture, area rugs, figurines, lighting, and fireplaces
-Prim and mesh trees and plants
-Entertainment Venues in a variety of styles
-Free Ruth and Roth mesh avatars and accessories
-Free items from multiple categories
-Cemetery items, turning stones, and ritual circles
-Statues of all types and varieties
-Classical Greek and Roman structures and decor
-Holiday decor such as Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, area rugs, snow people, and Autumn wreaths and trees

-Star Maiden steampunk airship with ballroom area
-Entertainment venues such as ballrooms, lounges, and clubhouses
-Medieval Castles
-Japanese tea houses, pagodas, torii gates, bridges, and some landscaping
-Classical structures such as a temple, a forum, a large pool, and pavilions, as well as poplar trees and statues
-A full cemetery on display