Today I have emailed The Brando Resort to get a promotion of our project Island - representative of their needs in terms of cross-marketings. If an interest on their side ; then we could see an intention to promote the VOD Islands inside their official website. An extract of my letter:

"The legendary presence of the actor Marlon Brando being a resident of Polynesia through the years birthed the idea to a team as a media that I have promoted and helped with company charge of a small independent label Shangrilla-Dolls/Norway.

Once the 3D is finished it would have a link at The Brando website if possible - it is amazing and magic to have created the first home that carried Brando and his family on the territory island.

We worked as a team in OSGRID having private 3D servers attached to the official VIRTUAL GRID.
Experience is that avatars can visit the island so far as we have respected a code cinematic and heritage Brando/USA it does represent well the properties.
- The project is developed at the moment and shall end in about one year with 2 islands.
The island of The Brando and the island of DR. Moreau fronting each another one.
The full set is scripted ; boats can be active and sailed by avatar as well events and parties can promote The Brando in a merge and cross-marketing.

Budget was non profit and held by our teaming partly owned in sharing into OSGRID.
This promotion is free for you to seize. As it will have the flavour of the PACIFIC ISLES...
And in return would also promote OSG."
- Ava Ozerova -

I hope it would be convincing with a small movie and it doesnt hurt to try!