Monsters' Ball

Where: EQ Special Events Club
When: 3 hours ago [28 Feb 2021 14:00 SLT]

Monsters' Ball at Club Equinox

Club Equinox's Inaugural Monsters' Ball; a formal ball for Monsters. This is not another Halloween nor a tribute to Monster's Ball movie. Monsters like Vampires, Zombies, Were-creatures, Dragons, even Freddy Kruger, dressed in Suits or Gowns, just to get down and rub elbows with other Monsters. The Monsters' Ball is a Monsters' social event to allow all the various Monsters to meet, greet, reconnect, etc.

DJ Golbez and DJ Becca will dedicate their sets to Monsters.

Feb 28th, 2021. 2pm to 6pm grid time. Only at Club Equinox. Special Events Club