PARADISE OF LOVE 64 SIMS Island Paradise Sailable
Use at Sim Welcome Area the Rental Kiosk given Notecard with the available Parcels

Resident Homes for rent , its free for long term renter
size is: various
Renter will get landowner - Rezz rights - Home set ..............................

Boatdock at the Resident Island
Resident Club Area and Beach
Bathing Lake and more

Boats will given on request, Sailing under real and B wind

Group nature airfield with Gliderplanes to fly
The Party island
The Scuba Deep sea Diving Adventure
Castaway Bathing Island
Love Island
The lost Continent - the wild Adventure
Cuddle Cave Island
The Paradise Sea Marina for Sailing Members
and lot lot more for all residents to hang and explore

your new home is located at Region Terraocean, this is a 64 sims Island Paradise
Naked/Nudist is allowed
No animal, no furry avis , no kids, no farming - thats the only rule
Peace Love Freedom we want share here

Many more Resident Homes will come we want a cool community
The Homes will given to the new renter direct from the Owner pls contact me in game - greetings sent Terrahuman Ella