Live singer Rogue Galaxy at Rockin' the Blues! Kith at 6PM, Rogue at 6:30PM!
Where: Rockin' the Blues, Wyldwood Bayou, Discovery Grid
When: Sunday 6:00PM (SLT)
Rockin' the Blues brings you a wonderful special event tonight, Live singer, ROGUE GALAXY!! DJ Kith opens at 6:00 to blow out the cobwebs, then at 6:30, Rogue takes the stage with the beautiful voice and down home personality she is famous for! Rogue sings a variety of genres but her Blues tunes sing to your soul and moves your body! Bring your Blues requests and come welcome Rogue to Rockin' the Blues!! One song out of her mouth and you can tell she's Tribe...and you know how very much she loves singing for you! Usual Rockin' the Blues attire! Don't miss it!
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