Cuddles Tranquility sings Live at The Pier, Tranquility Grid

Where: The Pier
When: 6 months ago [3 Aug 2020 17:00 SLT]

Come and join us in listening to a beautiful songbird sing live. Her name is Cuddles Tranquility. She sings ever so sweetly! She is such an adorable little Koala Avi! She has her own contest going as well in which if you can make her laugh while she sings live you will receive 300 Tranquility Currency!
ATTENTION GRID AND HYPERGRID FRIENDS! EVERYONE CAN NOW GET INTO OUR CONTESTS AND WIN TRANQUILITY CURRENCY AND BUY SOME IF THEY WANT! Contest theme is for outfits and will be: outfits that begin with the Letter W (white, Wonder Woman etc etc)