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For a peek into the near future, it is interesting to see your own regions with a PBR viewer. Firestorm offers an alpha, get the download link for the OpenSim version from the notecard in the group notices (group only in SL): secondlife:///app/group/7ba4569c-9dd9-fed2-aaa7-36065d18a13c/about If there are no notices at this moment, wait until a new group notice will be posted as download links are not allowed to be shared. Please do report bugs!

As the only OpenSim alternative, Cool VL Viewer also offers a PBR version.

PBR will give us next-gen visuals and give stunning possibilities with materials. You'll notice that proper lighting will be important now more than ever, and it pays off to explore your own regions and improve lighting where needed, with projectors or oldschool omni lights.

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