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Today starts The Merchant Sales Event at this year's OSFest and it's happening this week from Tuesday September 26th through Saturday September 30th. This is a grid-wide event with multiple merchants and sales and freebies galore! There are merchant teleport boards like the one pictured that are spread around the grid for convenience.

For example, one of our merchants, Sarvonne Creations Etc, is offering a 50% off deal on "Blues/Jazz Era" themed AI art series at her CheriNet Et Alias Gallery Shop at her OSFest store.

Lunaria Emporium is holding its biggest sale of the year. All of my castles and entertainment venues will be 75% off Kitely Market prices, and all my other smaller items displayed everywhere will be free, including some Egyptian pieces and some brand new Art Deco pieces and furniture not yet available anywhere.


Start here, then look for the merchant teleport board:

Find out more about OSFest 2023 here: See this week's entire events calendar here: