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Georgetown is a place set to be like it is in Northern Ontario small towns. There is a nice park to linger in. Tig's Treasures stores, with items I made, most full perm. Beautiful Disaster Store with cool shirts. Tim Horton's coffee shop to have a chat. No Frills grocery store with seasonal items outside. An arcade where you can play greedy and other games, and even slots you can win $ on. The hospital was built because I didn't care for any I found in opensim. I have set it so that others can copy it if they want one. There are other builds in the sim I have made that I share. Feel free to take copies, but please, don't change me as the creator. I love sharing but I dislike people taking credit for my work. the Grey Wolf Lodge is available to anyone who wishes to "vacation" in a Provincial park. You can hike in the park, ride the horses, camp up the mountain and if you follow through all, you end up in a wetland area. You can also drive around the outskirts of the park. There are two farms on the land. Nene and I both have them. She has gotten some very cute penguins just born this week. Karaoke is held every Monday at 12 p.m. grid time in the Dancing Grizzly club. I often do contests and will announce any here. NEW Georgetown Horse Park, and Northern Lights Casino. The army base is connected to the town as well. Feel free to explore everywhere. All are welcome, and if you have no place to live, I have homes available for free as well. Neverworld is a good grid. Stable, and runs well. The prices can't be beat, nor can the people. Come on over and check it all out!

Georgetown Downs is opening! Tuesday, April 9th from 12 till 1:30 we will hold our Grand opening!

Come on out to try your luck at riding the horses around the track, we can race each other.
Or there is an obstacle course to try.
Inside the casino, you can play different games like Greedy, Yahtzee, bubble breaker, poker and more.
Or you can try the slots down on the floor.
sit on the patio and watch the ships roll by.
Have a drink in the bar, or dinner in the restaurant.
Lots to explore here.
We won't have a SJ...just the normal radio station, but hey, we will be out playing with the horses!
Come on down and have a blast.
Casino stage and fountain area. The Jazz singers will soon have music to entertain you. This isn't a club with dj's...just that. The games are set up to play now. The race track is finished to be able to race the npc horse you rez with your friends, or try the obstacle course.

Night view

Grandstand viewing area

Games upstairs and leading out onto the grandstand where you can watch the races.

Casino patio area as the Canadian Coast Guard ship passes

A new area in Georgetown! Georgetown Downs Horse Park and Northern Lights Casino is open! We will race horses here with each other. There is an obstacle course as well for those wishing to try to get around it. Inside the casino, there are games you can play, a beautiful patio facing the water where you can watch the ships roll past. Have a drink in the bar, or dinner in the restaurant. The parking garage will be filled with cars you can copy soon. Everyone welcome. Come explore lovely Georgetown! Need a home? You are welcome to live here too! Message Tig Eberdene for info.

The new boat dock area and Opensim fishing. If I can figure it out, the Ferry will be available for rides soon too!

I did a whole revamp of Georgetown Provincial Park. Grey Wolf Lodge is still there for you to vacation in. But now, the roads go around the perimeter of the park completely to drive from the town on both sides. Also, the trails have been revamped to make it easier to navigate whether hiking, or riding a horse. Get your horse in the stable beside Grey Wolf Lodge. Watch for wild animals. The beach has been moved from behind the club downtown to the park as well. Nice sized beach with a lifeguard. Opensim fishing is still on the street behind the club, close to the church. There is a new boat ramp there, and a fishing warehouse as well as a tackle and bait shop. In the center of town, the park has taken on a new look with the cenotaph and clock now on a lovely platform in the middle of the pond. The landing is in the same place, but different building. The army base is the same, but the landing point from map is now in the proper place in front of the gates to the army base. You can grab a vehicle from the rezzer at the gas station if you prefer to drive around the sim. Lots to see and do here! OH and, a new racetrack/casino is being built right now. Stay tuned for updates! Come explore! If you want a home, I have houses available to live in this beautiful small town setting. Just get hold of me to find out information. Hugs...Tig Eberdene
Spring is here! Come explore the town and army base. Provincial park hiking & camping or stay at Grey Wolf Lodge. LIVE here! Visit or help with the farms! Shop at Beautiful Disaster, Pet store or Tig's Treasures. Opensim fishing! Cars at gas station to drive. Horse at club or Grey Wolf Lodge to ride. Arcade with games. Hospital. Relax in the park. Swim at the beach. LOTS to do and see in this lovely Northern Ontario town setting. All welcome Ask Tig Eberdene for info.


EVERY Monday at 12 p.m. grid time! At the Dancing Grizzly...across from the town park. Come on out!

Today at 12 p.m. grid time. The Dancing Grizzly in Georgetown will hold our first karaoke event! Come on out and show us your talent...or just listen in! This will be lots of fun. hugs...see you there! Tig.
Tig's Treasures is finally open in Georgetown! All creations by myself. Some were done on different grids over the years. Most are full perm. looking for a special gift for the holidays? Come check out the lovely snowglobes, and Betta bowls. There is furniture, kitchens, lots of artwork for your walls including transparencies. There are classic avi tattoos and some clothing. Pretty much whatever I felt like making. I will be adding more items as well. Come check it out.

Today is the day! Dress warm and prepare to vote for your favourite ornament, then we will Rock this park! I am all set up and dressed in my warm Christmassy outfit. See you there! HUGS....Tig

SheaButter: Some really neat ornaments there people. Huge tree, needs tons more. So git er dun! 4 months ago
Thirza Ember did an awesome article about my land. Read it here!

NineZero: Looking forward to the ceremony on Friday. 5 months ago

Georgetown Cenotaph is all ready for the service on Friday, Nov. 10th at 11 a.m. grid time. (I will be marching with my fellow veterans in RL on the 11th)

ALL grids are welcome! Please come on out and join us.

Mark your calendars! Come on out with your spookiest Gothic style outfits for Georgetown NW's first Gothic Halloween Ball. It will be held in the castle at the Halloween level of Georgetown. Thursday, October 25th from 1 till 3 grid time. Come on out and have a ball! See you there! Hugs....your hostess Tig Eberdene
Mark your calendars! Come on out with your spookiest Gothic-style outfits for Georgetown NW's first Gothic Halloween Ball. It will be held in the castle at the Halloween level of Georgetown. Thursday, October 25th from 1 till 3 grid time. Come on out and have a ball! See you there! Hugs....your hostess Tig Eberdene
Come explore! Go through the fun house. Dare to enter the corn maze! The carnival is ready to entertain you. Get your palm read by the gypsies. Careful going through the swamp! Skeletons have their own town, and the orphan's home is there to creep you out. Farm house, witches, creepy stuff everywhere! The castle is vampire central, and we will have a party there. Date TBA. You will need some time to see it all, or more than one visit!

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The best Halloween set up I have seen.