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Angel Heart FASHION

I picked up everything in the store yesterday. I took it home and tried some things on andx everything is gorgeous and well made and original. Good job.

Elin Design

There is nothing here to buy. Very pretty sim but should not be classified as a mall when there is nothing to buy.


A great place for all your Christmas and Halloween needs

Bell City

I got banned as soon as I came there wtf. I didnt dom anything. If you dont want visitors then dont advertise!


I love your stuff and I love that Jimmy includes seasonal textures so you can change with the seasons. I have been converting to fall. The Japanese maple trees fall colors are gorgeous! I went back to your store yesterday and I now have everything. And I am using a lot of it.

Social Shopping District

Why advertise if you dont allow visitors

Free Life Happy Harbor

I love everything there. A beautiful place to visit. Lots of great freebies. Unfortunately a lot of what I got didn't stay in my inventory. I'm in love with a house over there and I've tried to get it like 10 times and it just won't go in my suitcase.

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oOk I got it !! you folks come to my regions and play the fool then complain about being ban .. and set me up for negative comments,, its your game play it like you wnt to do it. have fun..