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This is a place where people from all over open sim can come to hold prayer vigils for the families of lost loved ones or for those who are potentially fighting for their lives, or to old memorial services for the precious loved one's we've lost both in real life and in virtual, the loss feels just as deep either way. This is a place to just sit and reflect, relax and regain a semblance of yourself again and find the peace that the world cannot give you.
Blessings and much love,

Inspired by the very moving Viet Nam wall in Washington DC, this is my latest creation at Haven of Memories. This wall is dedicated to those who we loved but do not have pictures or a lot of information about, like date of birth or passing, perhaps all you had was a username or role playing name and what year they passed, just send me a message and I will add their information to the wall. As long as they are remembered they live on in our hearts. You can come visit them any time you wish and perhaps visit and pay respects to the others who are memorialized here. Blessings and much love - Lavia
We are greatly honored to be able to add a beautiful tribute Memorial Wall for a very precious man who did much to help many, Rudi Bakerly, was one of the most kind souls I have known and it was my privilege and honor to create this Memorial Wall to him. May he rest in eternal peace until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Hugabug: very beautiful memorial Rudi will be missed 4 days ago
I had for this lady a deep respect and appreciation and so created this memorial wall to her memory to reflect the beauty of the soul who was Veritas McMaster. May she know eternal peace and beauty as greatly and deeply as she created it in virtual for all to enjoy. She brought many smiles to many people may her joy be full in her eternal slumber.

nyxbreen: Thank you, Lavia, I know she loved this Virtual World, and now her soul lives in all realms. 5 days ago
A very special THANK YOU SO MUCH to Cataplexia Numbers for this beautiful AMV Garden Cathedral which she built and gifted to me for Haven of Memories. It couldn't be more perfect and looks absolutely beautiful in the gardens. For this and other beautiful work like it I encourage you to visit "Meow" and "Occasions" where you'll find positively beautiful work by Cataplexia. And be sure to stop in and relax in the gardens built with you in mind. Much love, Lavia.
Just finished this "Stairway to Heaven" fountain which is located in Haven of Memories memorial gardens and I hope to add a couple more Memorial tributes. This region is open to everyone to visit, relax, reflect, remember and if you need to hold memorial services we have a large pergola/pavilion with plenty of seating. If you would like to commemorate a loved one and would like a tribute memorial built for them to place in Haven of Memories, just let us know we'll be very happy to do that for you. Blessings and much love, Lavia
This sweet lady was Jackie, Softwhisper Littlewing who was a DJ I got to know in Second Life and she was amazing and so much fun. We lost Jackie in 2020 to cancer and she will be forever missed and loved. I designed this memorial to her as a DJ she so loved music and dance.
One of the very first memorials I ever built was to Harriet, Spoiled Diva Riches. She was working on the grid I was on at the time building Helheim as "Hela" and having a ball. The last time we spoke was December 7th, 2019. She is greatly missed and still much loved.

This is the podium where any speaker my stand during the course of a memorial service and we can hold in our hearts that we will see them again at the rainbow bridge.

When you first arrive be sure to have your viewer settings on "shared environment" and turn your "media" on and be sure you sound is on so you can feel the peace and tenderness the region affords. Much love, Lavia.
Just an additional 360 of the region there is so much beauty to see and we welcome all who would like to come and reflect, meditate and hold vigil for loved ones and to place a memorial to a loved one from real life or virtual. Together we can heal.

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