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The Trianon Complex is a very warmful place,
here, you can find always good tunes, a cheerful
owner and DJ as well, and always nice guests.
Come and just enjoy all that !

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Nadeah Fur
A fantastic, unique experience here in OpenSim. The entire region currently comprises three different, but equally impressive clubs — each of which put a smile on my face. The passion behind the build is apparent and the atmosphere is on-point.

I visited (for the first time ever) in the off-hours just to look around and ended up having more fun than imagined. It was a delight exploring each of the clubs which were thoughtfully designed and exquisitely crafted down to the smallest of details. Novel concepts are employed to take the club ambiance to the next level.

The region implements materials and lighting throughout, but in a discerning fashion. A viewer with "Advanced Lighting" enabled will provide a marvelous experience and could be recommended. Luckily, efficiency is not sacrificed. I actually achieved a nice, steady frame-rate in each of the clubs despite the gorgeous visuals.

On my visit, I was fortunate enough to meet the owner & operator of Trianon, Essensual McMahon. She kindly took the time to answer all my curious questions and was very courteous and affable. I had a great time talking to her about Trianon, OpenSim and much more. I'm excited to visit again - and this time I'll go during one of the parties!

This place is a definitely worth seeing and if you visit, I'm sure you will be welcomed as I was. :)

Oh, and about the landing point discussed in other reviews; Just click the picture of the club you wish to visit /or/ walk into the picture to be teleported. That's all! Have fun!

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I have been to some amazing clubs in SL and Open sim, I love coming to the events here at Trianon for the simple fact that there is a combination of events.
It does take loads of work to make a great place and have good friends and family to come and enjoy themselves.
So if you looking for some good music and great entertainment then please stop by the Trianon Complex.

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Trianon grid is a friendly happy sim esse and adani help with as much as they can alwasy there to help and if they cant help they will find someone fast to help we moved to trianon grid a month ago and have felt like part of the family

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I have been at a few of this sims dances and the owner knows how to throw a party. She has fun with the visitors, and loves to play what ever they might want to listen to. If this party keeps growing like it has she might need a bigger building. I will have to come to your ballroom dance too some day, I saw the building it is very well put together.
Thank you Essen, keep up the good work!!!!
UPDATE: I was on your new grid tonight. First off congrats for making your own grid, but all I can say is its faster than the speed of light. Rezzing in seconds and not minutes, I cant wait till your stress testing it with more people. and to all the haters out there, Essensual knows what makes people happy and delivers even at her own expense. Carry on young lady.

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A very lovely region with different themed clubs to enjoy:) I chatted with Essensual and she is a very lovely person. I will be going to upcoming events to dance and enjoy:)

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Great Pink Floyd Show. We visite it with some Great Friends and we have a nice Party Show

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Johnny Rebel
This is a cool club. It is flawlessly built. Ya'll did good. Nice folk to. Thank you for sharing. ^^

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Derry Arabello
Essensual, each of your venues are beautifully and professionally done. I always enjoy my time there, great dj'ing and awesome tunes. You Rock!! Hugs, Derry

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Passion Jumanji
TY Essen! Your Club is AWESOME & so is your muzik! I really enjoyed myself this evening . . . I love that Dance ball with the new dances you put in too ;) The smoke was awesome! I thought my eyes were doing tricks on me . . . I came in and the dance floor was 4 squares than when I came back from AFK it was 8 squares . . . dunno how you can make a club grow like that but I never saw that before and I think it was FANTABULOUS! TY for the fun time I had while I was there ;) Huggelz ;) THIS CLUB ROCKS! ;)

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Hands down the best dances I've been to. The clubs are excellent builds in their own right, and in terms of themes they fit brilliantly.

Essensual is always willing to play requests and has never failed to have something I asked for. The crowd is always friendly and engaged and everyone is clearly having a lot of fun.

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Awesome place with a great atmosphere and amazing people. Moved to Trianon a month ago from another grid and have always felt like a part of the family. Esse has created an amazing place for everyone to enjoy and love with NO drama. Love this grid. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new place to call home!

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Kimberly Calister
Essentual knows how to make it happen, and sure makes a clubber out of a non clubber.. im not usually the party type, but ive been having a blast at her amazing sets with good friends and family.. she knows how to play those tunes well... ty Esse ;) . if you are looking for a good old time with your peeps, without all the added extra come look Essentual up on trianon grid, variety of events and loads of fun..

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If you like cheap and sleezy this is the place for you! You're up there DJ'ing and didn't know we could hear you speaking in local chat to someone in the background saying nasty things. Your real personalty came through that night! You're a fake and fraud! You put alts on your regions to make it seem like your more popular that you actually are. Cheater !!!!

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Cheating with alts ...advice resistance owner ..TP thing and all. Never reading what ppl say about landing using OSW.. Against OSW TOS all the time with 3 alts on 24/7 lol..The owner must need such fake much

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Otto vonOtter
You land in the welcome center and have no clou where the party is at. You need to use the map and fall 3000 meters to the ground. Thats 37 stone in the metric system. Then, you're getting attacked by killer bushes. Too complicated for my taste.

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loving place and tune music thank you, all stars

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Allie Dawson
They Don't call it a complex for NOTHING! So what's wrong with the idea of clicking a link and just being where you want to go? Or perhaps just outside of it? But no, here you arrive at a waiting room.. to look around a while for SOMETHING else to CLICK to get you where you really want to be. Which MIGHT rez for you. Or then again might NOT... Only to get a smart-ass comment from the owner(?) for NOT clicking a TP board that never rezzed for you.

I'll pass.

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Charlene McNally
Can't get there always land in a room waited several minuets no board to click to get to the club. I used the map to try and tp to the club all I do is fall n fall.

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