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lots of new people in tonight.. Thank you every one

Come on down to the Best Disco In Town,

how about that they heard me sing and didnt run away... still have more music to play.. come on down

oh I want to know what Love is, so I listen to love songs.. come listen with me..

DJ Esse is playing all UK songs to celebrate the Victoria Day Holiday.

LaviaLavine: Suzi, I'm sure all of that is important to you. 15 days ago

Get Down Tonight at TGIF with DJ Esse

Love Songs draw out some of the nicest people...

oh we have a lot of room left .. come on down and enjoy some Rock tonight Complex

Thank God Its Friday and DJ Esse is playing the Disco tunes.. its a disco inferno

oh we are loving th e80''s come join us, make a request, enjoy dancing

what a great day at the Ballroom today, had a couple get partnered during this great 70's love songs

oh we have a group of wonderful people here tonight.. come on and join us

Oh Lovers United at the Trianon Ballroom today.. come join us

RogerRabbit: all the lovely people dressed up..nice 1 month ago

Just started and already the main floor was packed so opened up the side floors.. so now lots of room for you .. come on down

TGIF time to Dance.. come on down and enjoy the show..

Still an hour left to relive the 60's come on down..

thank you all who came out tonight.. still have some times to go

the place is Hopping with Bunnys.. Happy Easter every one still time to join is come on down

Great Crowd today for Rock Ballads.. Come on Down to love them

HELP WANTED: We are looking for 2 DJs, one who enjoys dressing as a Dinkie to DJ on the DINKIE region called Funzies World. Playing Pop music, come visit and Message Essensual McMahon
The Second DJ we are looking for is a Bajan DJ who plays Calypso, Soco, Dancehall, and Dub to DJ at One Love beach Club contact Essensual McMahon if you fit the bill. I am still working on One Love beach Club, the Club is done but the rest of the region needs work. Contact me what time and dates are good for you to DJ, and any fee you might want, or if you will work for tips alone.
thanks in advance
Essensual McMahon
Owner of Trianon-World

still have an hour or more to go, and I saved room for you.. come on down

Once Again Fetish Factor is the home to the Great Easter Bunny Dance. and when I say Bunnys I mean playboy bunnys. Come Join Essensual and the Girls April9th at 5pm. PS come see Essensual Before hand to pick up your bunny outfit. One Per Person Only.

thank you every one who came out to enjoy the Blast from the Past with Disney music.. it was a pleasure and fun for all

working on Over time now.. thank you every one who came today always a pleasure

We Sprung Forward and Landed at the fetish factor.. still some time left Complex

the TGIF Disco is hopping tonight despite not having a working beacon.. come on down

15 minutes in and already the dance floor is filling up.Good thing I can expand it to fit more.

thedeeferry: Love the outfit of the lady with her back to the camera. Me want. Love the colors. Wishing you all good vibes for all your events. 3 months ago

lots of new people here tonight and some veterans.. every body here tonight is dancing to the beat

every one enjoying the 60's Love Songs.. still time left.. come join us

TGIF Disco open for business.. than k you all who came out tonight.. and watch fro a very special Disco set coming up soon..

here is the nicest Ballroom you will find in opensim, with some of the nicest people around..

CyberGlo CyberStar: This resembles the ball room from Ada hi with its dark paneling. 3 months ago

if Love songs are your thing come visit the Ballroom..

Still lots of time at the Fetish Factor tonight.. come on down

oh Love Month.. and look at all the wonderful couples dancing.. still time and room for you..

No plans for Valentines Day? Make The Trianon your place to be. Starting at 10:00am DJ Essensual is going to warm you up for at 10:30 Live Artist Varda Silver will be here to entertain you for an hour of great music. Followed by Shayne Aridian at 11:30am with his wonderful voice for an hour. And end the day just cuddling and relaxing to opensims most unique danceball with over 125 couples dances, and DJ Essensuals soft love songs. 3 hours of entertainment starting at 10:00am and ending when you are ready.
Join us at our Complex and Click the portal to the Ballroom

Happy new Years to every one

thank you every one who is came out tonight..

thank you every one for coming out tonight.. hugs and Stuff.. hope you have a good Christmas

still room for you.. come on down and enjoy some great 70's 80's disco and a few Christmas Tunes for you

still have time to join us in the ballroom.. Complex

Grand Opening and Christmas Gala December 14th starting at 11:30 with Essensual and her Ballet presentation, Clan and the Band at 12:00 to 1:00 Esse is back at 1:00 and at 1:30 Shayne Aridian brand new to Opensim World. Come early and enjoy!!