Trianon Adult


Derrybeg Arabello
Essensual, each of your venues are beautifully and professionally done. I always enjoy my time there, great dj'ing and awesome tunes. You Rock!! Hugs, Derry

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Charlene McNally
Can't get there always land in a room waited several minuets no board to click to get to the club. I used the map to try and tp to the club all I do is fall n fall.

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Otto vonOtter
You land in the welcome center and have no clou where the party is at. You need to use the map and fall 3000 meters to the ground. Thats 37 stone in the metric system. Then, you're getting attacked by killer bushes. Too complicated for my taste.

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Passion Jumanji
TY Essen! Your Club is AWESOME & so is your muzik! I really enjoyed myself this evening . . . I love that Dance ball with the new dances you put in too ;) The smoke was awesome! I thought my eyes were doing tricks on me . . . I came in and the dance floor was 4 squares than when I came back from AFK it was 8 squares . . . dunno how you can make a club grow like that but I never saw that before and I think it was FANTABULOUS! TY for the fun time I had while I was there ;) Huggelz ;) THIS CLUB ROCKS! ;)

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I have been at a few of this sims dances and the owner knows how to throw a party. She has fun with the visitors, and loves to play what ever they might want to listen to. If this party keeps growing like it has she might need a bigger building. I will have to come to your ballroom dance too some day, I saw the building it is very well put together.
Thank you Essen, keep up the good work!!!!

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