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The Mall
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The Mall is the shopping place for you
everyone also hypergrid for your Hair, Clothes Boots, Shoes Female and Male. walk around and find the stuff for your need.
For any assistance you can always ask one of the GBG Team members. Enjoy shopping

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TroySeaknight Overall a well designed mall. However, MarjaHaven booted me for being a male walking through the women's store? "Marja Haven: a male dont need woman clothes". I have asked her for the rule I violated: "Is there a specific TOS I violated? Please give me the web address for your grid so that I may ens...
CyberGlo CyberStar The entire sim is nice, but let's talk about the club. Right across from the mall is the most beautiful night club I have ever been to in any world, in any grid, hands down. And I have been to a LOT of clubs. This place is breathtakingly beautiful, modern design, and incredible graphics. From th...
AdryMovida Mrs. MarjaHaven should know that on opensim you can find everything, even the things that she says not to copy, because she is the creator, every time you enter she disturbs you in chat (without saying goodbye) telling you not to copy. 1) if the products are blocked without the copy, I don't see wha...

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I came by for a short visit and everything looked nice. There were several people there at an event but no one bothered me or hassled me about anything. Will stop by again soon when I have more time.
thnx Luna for your kind review, always welcome and happy shopping again :)
the grid owner bannes peopel for ther avtars .. when dont like someboy ava bamm what a disgsting grid owner
when you land at the welcome or the mall you can read that gbg grid is an adult grid.
says am banned???????
Oi poderia me mandar o link de cadastro pf grata!
Lovely shopping mall with lots to offer! nice to have a walk through and lots of choice, will defo visit again, had a lovely convo with one of the managers there Marja Haven who was very friendly and polite, thank you so much
thank you for the lovely review Ellie was wonderfull to talk to you :)
A really attractive mall, very nicely decorated! It's a pleasure just walking through the shops!!
this grid is a very good grid, the grid fast service, fast sim restarts( few seconds) and fast servers, and the mall is very good setup all stuff on there is export. when you land on the mall there is a sign very good to read the rules over there. Management is kind and helpfull. and there is over 1500 visits and all people there is happy with what they can get and see