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A completely free shopping region, just click on absolutely everything and choose copy.
Shops to let also, join group to rez

New Clothing Range
Where: Tranquility
When: 3 years ago [15 Jul 2021 14:36 SLT]

Celestial Dreams, a brand new clothing range for the ladies, made by Govega Sachertorte @ NEVERWORLDGRID Never before seen, the range will be growing in the near future and is well worth a look. Ohhhh and of course FREE FREE FREE

Come on, what are you waiting for, help me out by putting your stuff in my shops.
Lots of FREE shops yet waiting for you, Join the group ( All Free Shopping Spree ) ( if your not already in it ) to rez your stuff.

Hugs to everyone

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Saltydog thedeefairy must have had a bad day I go here quite often. It loads fast. I like the mall so much I asked for store space. Is the region problem free? no But if you can tell me one region on the hypergrid that is problem free I'd like to see it.
thedeeferry Okay, I am going to change my review from 3 stars to 5 stars. Today I made another visit to this sim. There were no technical issues for me. Yay! Wow! I spent several hours shopping. Outstanding work.
cero m its alright, but slow to load and many things are set to no copy, buy for $10 OS. So it needs some work.

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Be nice if i could actually reach this region.
Even teleported into the welcome region for grid.
Did a search for region, not found, pulled up users profile and used bookmark for region, still not found.
Yet on here it shows last checked 12 minutes ago.
Seems your region is misconfigured.
Love this place, everything is copy able and is set out amazingly, you just have to come here, lots of empty shops just waiting to be taken. I only wish I could do that lol