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Amazing! Thank you for your wonderful objects. I am so happy to find originals. Great job! Thank you for all the time and work you put into this.

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Cherry Manga
Thanks for your beautiful gifts

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GRacias, me llegó todo al final, perfectamente. Un gran trabajo

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A really beautiful sim with a lot of beautiful outdoor collections in every season. Now I can enrich my Sims with even more beautiful things.
Thanks a lot for this. I would love to come back ❣️

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Love the items

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really enjoying her awesome place and the fact that she enjoys the same things beautiful place and thank you so much for sharing

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A most appealing region, particularly if you are looking for trees and plants that have a nice realistic touch to them. Also the fantasy items are fascinating. This is an excellent place to go to supply your own region with unique and interesting objects. Most strongly recommended.

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Enchanting Encantada! Generously shared. Product delivery magical. Clear, concise labels. Creativity, yes!

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Jamie Wright
This place is amazing. Bibi's work is fantastic perfection. You all need to go get all the things. I can't believe it took me this long to end up here but I will be back:) Thank you Bibi for all that you make and share!

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Tigerkitti Eberdene
I came looking for the new lillies. I found a nice sim with good content. I love the layout, and the way your products are delivered is unique and cool. Great job on this sim. I look forward to watching for new things. :-)

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Frank Hurt
Whenever I start to think I've seen all the content there is to see in Open Sim, I stumble across a treasure such as Encantada and my sense of wonder is rekindled. Bibiana's creations are all-original and she generously gives her work away. And what work she puts into these! From detailed mesh trees to fun animesh butterflies, to various pieces of furniture and animals. And it's all such top-shelf quality, too! Thank you, Bibiana, for contributing your talent to our wonderful virtual world. I enjoy your clever, fun updates on OpenSimWorld, too.

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Fabulous gifts. Thank you for providing such a lovely place to explore and pick up things for my new regions.

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