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Solitary practioners of the White Arts Live here.....home to powerful magic....

The Snow Fairy's Flakes, fell into Decembers night, so that we might wake, to winters glittering light, Her white blanket a magical sight.....

In a strange turn of events, the town’s population is confused at the recent happenings. It all started twenty days ago when a farmer’s wife went suddenly missing. There was a search party on the town’s outskirts but they could not find her
The women returned home two days later in a disoriented state with no recollection of where she had been or how long she had been gone. She was physically in good shapeexcept for a small detail. A small section of her skin in her lower back had been finely flayed. The small skinless injury had the shape of a flying bird. Since the woman was back, people shrugged the event offdespite the oddness of it. A few days later the blacksmith’s daughter disappeared in a similar fashion only to return
two days later with the same disoriented behavior and the strange mark on her lower back. So far, seven women aged 20-30 years old have experienced the same situation. All of them felt disoriented and sick. These symptoms receded after a few hours. The local apothecary suspects they were drugged or poisoned. The small wounds on their backs were cleanly made and while they are painful and slow to heal, they do not pose a serious risk to any of them. All this is the work of a mischievous fiend who lives in town and is impersonating a farmer. He charms the young womem and brings them to the farmer’s house. He seduces the women and temps them to forbidden desires. HE gets bored fast and lets the women go after a day or two, only to repeat the process again in a few days


Solitary practioners of the White Arts Live here.....home to powerful magic....
And The Crystal of Daerdaerdarth the adventure begins...find the temple

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Gundahar Bravin Beautiful, love the layout!! Where do I get the animesh dragon?

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Amazing region and appreciate the work gone into it's creation. I spent over an hour exploring the multi level RP. Hidden passages and teleports that take you to amazing secrets. It's well worth grabbing a coffee before entering and taking the time to explore and appreciate the time and effort put into this masterpiece,
Absolutely beautiful region!