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Greenfield in Kitely is a 16-region adults-only destination for dancing, exploring, and meeting new people. Featuring a nude beach, hedge maze, museum of art, dance clubs, a shopping mall, and many places to explore, you're sure to find relaxation and make new friends.

Ask Desmond or Nataly about our free housing and shops options!

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Frank Hurt Desmond Lane (creator of this detailed 4x4 sim) is one of those denizens of the metaverse you just owe it to yourself to meet. His kindness and generosity is reflected in the landscape he's created in Greenfield (also known as Greenland as per the group name). The gardens are my particular favorite,...
NadineNeddings Such friendly people at Greenfield! The sim owner and his manager are absolute sweethearts and have both become great friends of mine. Desmond has been building out this sim for over a year, and it contains an assortment of things to explore. I've met several really nice people whenever visiting...
VeritasMcMaster We were so fortunate to find Desmond Lane, Greenland, Greenfield, Kitely when first getting in to OSs. Des is a prince among men who has done so much for me and my friends, providing homes, tips, help and helping us get settled. We love you Des!

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