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Free House Market II
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Rakis Heron
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2 months ago
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Only the best works and characters find a place in this gallery. Architects that represent the free principle of Opensim.

Viewing the best works 1: 1. Enjoy the world of architects and their creations.
Find your dream home on a relaxed shopping spree. A place for free spirits, by free spirits.

For applications for a building, please send it to:
Governor Heron

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Rakis Heron We have no bots on our grid, only members who are logged in 24/7 but not 24/7 on the PC. Assuming wrong facts and defamation are criminal offenses! Caution $! NPC's on 6 sim out of 162 are in the exclude list! OSW rule!
the fixer36 Great buildings for you to enjoy thanks
atg2 Full of Copybot materials from Second Life, OSGRID, Sacrarium Grid.

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Region Comments

Ramirez 5 days ago
The builds are of sublime quality and the sims seem very low on lag what making walking around very easy.
I will come back to see more.
RulusKaliopov 17 days ago
Enter the Region and after 1 Min crash ... that happens with everyone entering
Defiled Fraggle 4 days ago
he said it was all my fault when this is happening LOL , o0 you too eh?
RulusKaliopov 4 days ago
That is not your fault .... that would not be technically possible ... under certain circumstances, a cofiguration of the two grids can cause the error ... but there are certainly other things that lead to the crash ... but never mind ... he is happy with his grid and we have alternatives ... so the world is fine again ....
Mike Hart 22 days ago
Like the whole place. Plenty of freebies. But the region keeps crashing up near the Eiffel Town. Tried many times but as you walk over the border the viewer crashes. Rest of the regions are fine with crossings.
Rakis Heron 21 days ago
Thank you Mike for nice words and the feedback: Most visitor dont have problems. But it sucks the PC its over 60000prim It can by helful if you go down with the draw distance eg. 100-300meter or one step down the grafic quality for the moment. near the Eiffel Town is nothing spetial what can crash you. Only you have to big draw distance your PC must load lot of detais. I think for some reason it sucks your PC to much. Please try it :-) And thank you for your visite.
Mike Hart 21 days ago
Thanks Rakis. I will give it a try. Love the region.
Rakis Heron 20 days ago
Thank you Mike
Rakis Heron 2 months ago
In the beginning we had problems. From 25,000 prim, nothing worked, with 16GB memory and HDD. We now have 128GB memory and SSD. No problems with 62,000 prim. Business Internet synchronus up / down 1000MBite. Whoever crashes his FS or PC should think about a new PC and faster Interbet. Ask yourself how serious you are doing your updates. 98% of all visitors have no problem on our 162 Sim. :)
Rakis Heron 2 months ago
Am Anfang hatten wir Probleme. Ab 25'000 prim lief nichts mehr, mit 16GB Memory und HDD. Wir haben jetzt 128GB Memory und SSD. Keine Probleme mit 62'000 prim. Business Internet synchronus up/down 1000MBite. Wem sein FS oder PC crascht sollte über einen neuen PC und schnelleres Interbet nachdenken. Frage Dich selber wie seriös Du deine Updates machst. 98% aller Besucher haben kein Problem auf unseren 162 Sim. :)