Gateway to the Stars

Gateway to the Stars
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Info: Region shows off because we dont care of traffic / rating hunts! Sim is on 24/ 7! People who want to find us, find us ;.-) ( role play / Rollenspiel )
We create a peaceful area in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, founder of Star Trek (tm), at Gateway to the Stars, "The original".
(Yes my sim name was copied / stolen).
We write the year anno domini 2360...
A while ago the Supply Station 359 was ripped out of the known space. Now the crew tries to uphold the ideals of freedom deep in the Beta Quadrant, in a hazardous area, trying also to find a way back within the organisation of the Universe Fleet. While this is the main task, the crew also tries to make diplomatic contacts to all (Star Trek themed) races, and researches the surrounding area. The HQ for the Beta Quadrant is at the planet Veytan, as the outpost for the Universe Fleet, with the legendary Supply Station 359 "nearby". Application forms at the application givers. Only serious applications please! Civilian roles available for "not so active" members.

See you out there :-)

Welcome aboard, Crew... Lets fight Freedom and Peace!

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Janaran The sim has multi-levels: a HQ level (ground level), a planet-side level, and a space station level. All builds were hand crafted. You won't find any cookie cutter crap here. There's even a shuttle ride that will take you to each level to explore. There are hidden areas that are open for access but ...
Otto vonOtter The Sim is built "oldschool", without meshes, but thats only to reduce Lag. Back in the 60's they didn't have meshes yet and there is a whole universe on just 1 sim, that has to handle dozens of people and thousands of prims. So shut up haters, many people have fun there with the roleplay and for HG...
Hugabug Really got to know Copper today chatting with him over a mishap Great person very helpful & understanding :)