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Jan Ingalls
Probably the friendliest place outside of Disneyland. everyone is focused on making the best experiences possible. Go often and stay forever.

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regarding the comment from MarkZyn. This is totally against the fairness of osw, the markzyn account was created solely to leave a damaging comment about stark. it is a faceless, anonymous attack and as sych shoul be reomoved as purely malicious

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sweet illusion
you honestly couldnt find a nicer group of people! i'm so blessed to have found it

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Frank Hurt
Not your grandfather's adult-themed sim! The ladies running this place are friendly, helpful individuals focused on building community. They appear to be allergic to clothing, I noted (I mean, I averted my eyes respectfully). Mathilda gave me a tour, which included a nice town square-style landing zone where the island's tastefully professional "Stark!" photo magazine can be found, along with various shops. Residential parcels with private access are available and offered free-of-charge to those who may be not just naked but otherwise homeless. It's a gorgeous build overall and while I'm not necessarily a nudist, I always feel welcomed whenever I visit Stark Island. If you're into the lifestyle, this place is a must-visit.

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Unfriendly owners and naked child avis not fun :( you claim no naked child avatars yet you can see at least 2 in this image (took a screenshot so wouldn't bother deleting your photo)

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really enjoyed my visit to stark. shall be back many more times

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Vanessa Mondar
Fabulous build, fantastic people. Mattie and Niki are lovely, supportive owners who go out of their way to make sure that everyone feels valued and included.

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niki stuart
excellent in every respect. many comments are made about child avs all over os, the thing is that not everyone wants to be 2 metres tall as that is unrealistic, so the perception of what is and what isnt a child av is a subjective matter but all the people i have talked to on stark are adult and some choose to play an elder teen. i have no argument with such so long as all rules are obeyed

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Bobbi Fox
Great place. Lovely people. Come see for yourself :) . We work hard to make our events inclusive and fun. That's why we are so popular :) Thank you to Mattie, Niki, our DJs, regulars, occasionals and the just plain curious for making us such a great place. Oh and to those men (it always seems to be men!) who like to snark anonymously about “child avis” on Stark, "inclusive" means that if you are a 1.6M petite woman in RL (that's the min height on my Athena 6 bod btw) you can come and be a 1.6M petite woman on Stark!! Huggz n kisses :)

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fabulously detailed region, friendly shall we say. well worth a visit

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Really love this Region! Lots of places to explore and discover including a beach, entertainment areas and an art gallery island. There are even houses available for residents. Mathilda is a great builder with some wonderful ideas, be sure to pick-up a copy of the Stark Magazine from the Vending machines!

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Jupiter Rowland
Joke's on Mark: The alleged "child avatars" are - wait for it - the sim owners, Matilda and Niki. Just because you're neither a muscle-packed 7'3" demigod nor a voluptuous sex bomb, doesn't mean you're a kid.

Anyways, first of all, this is a tremendously well-designed sim, especially regarding how huge it is. Not even a single one of the many buildings looks out of place. Despite the size, you can still walk everywhere on the main islands because there are paths leading everywhere, so you don't even have to teleport unless you get easily lost. As for the other islands, you can swim there, just take off your clothing before you go swimming so they don't get wet. (No need to put them back on afterwards either.) Or if you want to attend some event, you can also accept Niki's teleport offer, she usually notices visitors.

Yeah, the events. They're certainly the number one reason to go to Stark, not the only one (they've got shops, they've got a magazine, they've got a gorgeous landscape to stroll through, and they've got beaches aplenty), but number one. There are more than enough event locations, so even with seven regular DJs, one for each day of the week, none of them will usually perform at the same location twice in a row. Not only that, but with so many DJs, many musical tastes can expect to be satisfied.

Come for the music and maybe seeing a party location you haven't seen yet, stay for the music and the nice guests, not to mention the nice hosts and whatever nice entourage the DJ has. You don't absolutely have to be naked. But don't mind people stripping down during events. For nobody would mind if you did. As far as I know, you're allowed to be in the buff everywhere. This place isn't called Stark for nothing.

The same goes for LGBT+: Nobody minds if you're straight. Just don't mind those who aren't.

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5 Stars - Very well build Island with Harmony and Soul, Relaxed feeling --- Perfect !!!

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Ketsu Anaguma
I came, I stayed. The place I was looking for. <3

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Typhaine Artez
Excellent region. It is diversified, and seems a good place for people liking tropical residential living. Maybe more towels than lounger could be nice :)

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Trav Winesmith Never Died.
i have never seen and naked avatars in this sim besides the one MarkZYn was with. The date was 2/14/21... on Valentines day. I guess you and your underage avatar gf had a date. It funny how mark is always going to peoples region pages on opensimworld saying the same thing over an over, about how child avatars where there and how blah blah blah,,,, sounds to me the common issue and situations he is in, has to do with child avatars. Maybe he is just mad because he gets banned from the regions he brings his valentines dates too. Food for thought, on this scum bags untrue viewed of this sim. I know the owner and she strictly forbids child avatars... I have dealt with this Markzyn reviews on other of my friends region pages and he is a nuisance and a bit... how shall we say this.... dillusional... and not all the way there. You should be ashamed of yourself , Mark Stop projecting.

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Some of the most friendly and entertaining folks that I've met in OpenSim.... Great dances and great company... I recommend it highly!

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One of the best places on the opensims grid, everyone is so friendly, a lot of fun and a good crowd

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Zuzu Bahro
A beautiful place with friendly people.

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Whoa. High detailed, very accuracy region. Like it.

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