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Ruritania became frozen in time last century and like Punxsutawney it starts each day fresh and unaware what happened. Only you are privy to the secret and free to roam.

There are now 20+ cinema related scenes/items in the sim to find and recognise, some dead easy and some obscure so have a go and let me know how you did.
The NPC's around the region give either film clues or hints to a treasure hunt if you're feeling adventurous.
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four candles?

Phill895: Love the amount of detail put into this world. Amazing Sim! 3 months ago

Ukraine shines bright

xishi: ok It's time we cleared up some of this. Those flags on the wall are all there for a reason. From the left - Ruritania might be only a little place but it never left the EU. Hence the blue and gold s... 7 months ago

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MissAdventuress Such a beautiful place, and so much to see and do! I've been there for weeks and I'm still finding new things and working my way through the clues. It's English, it's perfectly scaled, it's just so perfect for getting in and out of trouble, and there's not a hint of the cliches that much of the Vir...
PreciousFirelight Pleasure to live here Xi is amazing and has great people on her that live thats me included please come vist us girls that means we get more playful sisters
Thirza Ember The hoes are exceptional.

Region Comments

Kashi Takeshi 2 years ago
Rutitania is a great, very nice and detailed place where you can explore for hours.
Xishi is a friendly hostess, always willing to help.
Frankie Rockett 3 years ago
Some of the praise this region gets is honestly lukewarm compared to the praise it should get. Honestly? It's the greatest, most beautiful, obsessively detailed, extensive and imaginativly realised sim in ANY virtual world, and no I'm not throwing around superlatives for the sake of it. 'Work of art' is one term too readily applied, but see what Xi has made here and you'll know we have a real Leonardo of the virtual on our hands. Her combination of vision and the skillset to realise that vision takes her region to the limit of what is possible with this technology. So leave your ADHD disorders behind and go back to a time when people had actual conversations and learn how to 'look' all over again. What you'll find here is - sublime.
Kylie Brimmer 3 years ago
Pretty Land you have there and is nice to look at it! :)
PreciousFirelight 3 years ago
Love it here im never away from the land smiles
Antonia Ling 3 years ago
Wonderful region, I come back in the future to see all the fine buildings and the landscape. Very nice owner.
xishi 3 years ago
thank you Antonia- full tour promised for your next visit !
TheFactory 4 years ago
An abolutely wonderful place, so detailed its a perfect model village and trainset. Reminds me of my youth exploring Derbyshire
xishi 4 years ago
spoken by someone who knows the importance of being :)
SayumiFukumura 4 years ago
I knew the predecessor to this amazing estate in Second Life quite a few years ago. The owner is an amazingly talented builder with an eye for detail as well as a really sweet person. Ruritania has to be on your to-visit list on the hypergrid! *Declares my bias cos the owner is a friend, but that doesn't detract from my constant amazement and wonder at what she has achieved here*