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Wolfs Run, a region adjoining Wyldwood Bayou, is home to Hot Daddy's Dance Dock. Events at Hot Daddy's are 6:00 to 8:00 or?? pm with various DJs alternating each monday and playing the musical genre of their choice. Join us on the dock for fun, friendship and great tunes!

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Harmony Beningborough 2 months ago
We are here at Hot Daddy's having a great time...friends..all of us..new and old..listening to music..remembering our friend Kira who passed away a year ago today. This is not a sad party but one of love, friendship and good music! We are just past halftime. Everyone is welcome :) Come join us! discoverygrid.net:8002:Wolfs Run
Harmony Beningborough 3 months ago
Hella FABULOUS Underwater 80's party goin on down here at the Run!!!! Get in your clam diggers, itsy bitsy teeny bikinis, your mer outfits, PJs, gowns...whatever your little heart desires and come party with the Tribe at Hot Daddy's which is decorated in a beautiful underwater theme!! Only 1 hour left with DJ Kith's amazing set!!! Come on down!!!!
Harmony Beningborough 4 months ago
It's Hot Daddy's Monday and tonite DJ Cataplexia will entertain you with a set of "Eclectic mix of danceable stuff"!! Knowing Cat like we all do, this means an incredible collection of dance music, possible a bit of swing, rock 'n Roll with some 80's pop...Or..It could be some super cool Rock with a bit of jive and hip hop!!! Cat does it all so well that we just turn up the volume, get on the dance pads and prepare to have a blast!!! Invite some friends and get on down to The Doc tonite at 6:30 and wipe your Monday blues away and start your happy week DJ Cat Style!! Always fun, always friendly and ALWAYS Fabulous music!!
discoverygrid.net:8002:Wolfs Run
Alvina Vanima 6 months ago
Exquisite builds and creations, worth the move. And if you like to dance, enjoy the Blues places
Harmony Beningborough 6 months ago
DJ Cataplexia's Rockin' the Blues set is here at Plan B! We have your PINK for Breast cancer Awareness Month in October! Come party with us and send good vibes, good mojo and good juju and tons of love to cancer victims, survivors and their families!!! Come join us!!!!
Harmony Beningborough 7 months ago
DJ Pops at Hot Daddy's tonite with a super SUPER fun Rockabilly set!! Slick back your hair...get on your leather jacket or come as you are to Hot Daddy's for amazing tunes...tons of love and soooooo much fun!!! discoverygrid.net:8002/disco...
Harmony Beningborough 7 months ago
DJ Kith Re-Opens Hot Daddy's tonite at 6:30!

By popular demand and some serious Tribe begging..Hot Daddy's is back with your favorite DJs and their choice of music genres!! Tonite it's DJ Kith (Mako) Whitehawk...Hot Daddy himself for the opener with..well...KITH TUNES!! There will be some rock..some grunge..some Pop and you know with Kith maybe a Chocolate or 2! Whatever he plays, you know it will be phenomenal music and will re-open this club with a BANG!!! Join us for the party!! Hot Daddy's new LM is below!! discoverygrid.net:8002/Wolfs...