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Pryme Estates
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Show me some sexyness ooolala my personal virtual home.
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The Blue Gala
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Adult relaxed fun. Yes Clothing is a must. :-) Open to all Men and Women, Absolutely no discriminating allowed! NO CHILD AVATARS!
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Adult Fantasy
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Oh let the adult fun begin! Clothing optional :-) NO CHILD AVATARS!
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Gay Mans Dream hang out, a place for gay men to have fun, make and meet Gay Men. Strictly Adult with Adult scenes nudity is allowed. Absolutely no child avatars!
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The house of smooth sexiness...

Anyone know where I can get some decent ADULT furniture?

Coming soon! GayMansDream for the Gay Men who want to hang out and have fun. Were looking to build a Gay community for Gay men.
Want to help? let me know and please you must be gay. Lets build a great gay community with fun, sex and music.
Strictly Adult, Absolutely no Child avatars....