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Planet lover, outdoorsman, natural and virtual creation admirer.

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create, photograph, live simply.

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"May you live in interesting times."

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Blues, blues, and blues!

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DreamGrid Ver. 5.26

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Firestorm OS Release X-64


Win 10 V.22H2
OS build 19045.2251
11th Gen i5 Intel Core 11400F @2.6 GHz
Nvidia 1050-TI Graphics
C: 1TB SSD, D: 1TB SSD, External 1.5 HD X2

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Beautiful region with shopping and fantastic scenery, mall, christmas, womens, mens, fashion, mcdonalds, beach, pier, church, baseball, parks, houses, games, spa, manicure, pedicure, massage, walkways, movie theater, grocery, hospital, fire, ambulance, post office, police, cafe, coffee shop, bakery,...
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Kaneville 0 Users
I had the vision in my head for years, and my Husband Alex gave me that chance to create my vision and I hope to share this with you all! Farm, animals, crops, water tower, roads, trucks, beautiful scenery, lake, waterfalls, smurfs, cows, horses, ducks, goats, sheep, pandas, rabbits, squirrels, dog...
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Thank you all for being so patient! Our grid is back up and running! Hope to see you all there!

Do too unforeseen technical difficulties our grid is down! It will most likely be down for an entire day! Stay tuned, I will let you know when all is back to normal! We love you and are so grateful you love our home!! Bayou Hot Daddys Hey all Hot Daddys WILL be the place to welcome the New Year in at!!! Come and party and bring your friends!! DJ Kith will knock your socks off!!!
Greetings to all of you from Alex and myself! We want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! And we hope you find true happiness and that our world begins the path to healing! Those in power that are hell bent on destroying are only going to be in power for so long! So keep the faith, never give up and keep pushing on! Good always triumphs over evil! Always! Peace, Hugs and kisses!!

I am so sorry Everyone who visited before we finally got things where they needed to be so that ALL can now visit!! Let us know if you have any other issues please!! Pan and Alex

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I was finally able to visit, and I love this region. It transforms you into another time, all the buildings, animals, the market, the castle, all the cottages! Very nice indeed!

Moonrose Shopping

Went to your sim recently and its beautiful and we love the clothing!!!!

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