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DJ Cataplexia at Hot Daddy's tonite at 6:00!!!
1 Jun 2020 18:00 SLT
DJ Cataplexia is here tonite at Hot Daddy's to spin a magic mix of tunes for you! Cat has an incredible library as she has been a DJ for over 10 years and spins every genre of wonderful music! She alw...
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Dj Kith Musical Reniassance Faire at Hot Daddy's tonite at 6:00 Grid time
25 May 2020 18:00 SLT
DJ Kith takes us back in time with a very special set of Renaissance style music tonite at Hot Daddy's! The tunes will be very magically Medievil with a Pagan Folk, Celtic and Shamanic flavor! Delight...
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DJ Cataplexia in for DJ Rachel! Get ready to DANCE!!! 6:00 tonite!!
18 May 2020 18:00 SLT
DJ Rachel is having internet issues and can't be with us tonite so Hot Daddy's at Wolf's run on Discovery grid will be welcoming DJ Cataplexia Numbers & her vivacious hostess jillian back for an eclec...
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Cancellation of Hot Daddys due to Technical Difficulites 5/4/20
4 May 2020 18:00 SLT
Hot Daddys Shark Bite Tribe!! Hey folks we will sadly have to cancel this evenings festivities at Hot Daddys due to technical difficulties-not grid issues but server routing issues. Many of us just ...
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DJ Kith spins your Monday tunes tonite at Hot Daddy's at 6:00!!
27 Apr 2020 18:00 SLT
It's DJ Kith's turn in the "Great Hot Daddy's Dance Dock DJ Rotation"!! As you know, Hot Daddy's is a DJ's choice venue!!! Kith's specialty here is "grunge", Indy, Pop and alternative, HOWEVER! All th...
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DJ Marshal spins your classic Rock tonite at 6PM Grid time at Hot Daddy's!!
13 Apr 2020 18:00 SLT
DJ Marshal is back with all of your favorite Classic rock tunes! We love when Marshal takes us down a path of spectacular tunes that bring us memories of the past in a fun and musical way! Join the Bl...
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DJ Kith timewarp to the 80's tonite at Hot Daddy's, 6:00!!
23 Mar 2020 18:00 SLT
Hot Daddy DJ Kith entertains us tonite with a time warp of the best kind!! We're going on a trip to the 80's..musically...all the best rock and pop from the era!! Bring your requests and dedications a...
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DJ Kith filling in for DJ Marshal at Hot Daddy's tonite at 6:00!
9 Mar 2020 18:00 SLT
DJ Marshal couldn't be here tonite so DJ Kith is here spinning awesome and amazing current tunes for ya, the best in the universe! Come listen to some Pop, Indy, alternative and super cool KITH Tunes!...
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DJ Cataplexia at Hot Daddy's tonite at 6PM!
3 Feb 2020 18:00 SLT
It's time for DJ Cataplexia to be on stage at the Dock to entertain you and wipe away your Monday doldrums!! DJ Cat spins a new and creative set every time at Hot Daddy's! She knows her music..all of ...
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DJ Kith at Hot Daddy's tonite at 6:30 Rembering Kira in love and laughter! Everyone welcome!!
27 Jan 2020 18:30 SLT
Today marks the anniversary of our Kira's passing to the Summerlands. Please come join DJ Kith and the tribe as we remember Kith's partner and founder of Rockin' the Blues, Hot Daddy's, Lady Blue and ...
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Dj Kith @ Hot Daddys 6:30-8:? Monday !
13 Jan 2020 18:30 SLT
OMG!!!! Hot Daddy's Aquarium spilled out all over the floor last week and we loved it so much we left it that way!! But tonite, that Hot Daddy himself, DJ Kith is gonna spin your 80's tunes! I am talk...
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DJ Cataplexia Sea Party at the Hot Daddy's Aquarium!! 6:30
6 Jan 2020 18:30 SLT
What??? The Aquarium?? YES!! DJ Cataplexia and hostie Jillian take on the fish, sharks and kraken in and around the Aquarium at Hot Daddy's! The music will be Cataplexia's always fabulous tunes but wi...
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Hot Daddy's Christmas Road Trip to Harmony's "South Pole" tonite at 6:30!
23 Dec 2019 18:30 SLT
Tonite DJ Kith takes the Tribe to Harmony Meadows' Christmas Sim "The South Pole Christmas" !! Come dance to Reggae and other KITH tunes that you already love and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY with thi...
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DJ Pops goes "Psychedelic" at Hot Daddy's Dance Dock tonite at 6:00!
9 Dec 2019 18:00 SLT
Psychedelic! That's how DJ Pops describes the set he has for you tonite! Come join DJ Pops and his hostie Jenn and enjoy some psychedelic tunes..maybe Jimi Hendrix? Maybe Jefferson Airplane, The Doors...
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Dj Kith @ Hot Daddys 6:30-8:? pm
2 Sep 2019 18:30 SLT
Hot Daddy's is back!! Your Monday nights are no longer boring! Tonite we re-open this very popular club with DJ Kith, and every week we will rotate DJs, and...It's DJs Choice of music!! These phenom...
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DJ Pop’s @ Hot Daddy's, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
17 Dec 2018 18:30 SLT
Tonight DJ Pops brings an eclectic selection of swing, rock and boogie to Hot Daddy’s! You heard it here! You already know Pops is known for his ability to pull together a unique blend of music to ent...
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DJ Astoria @ Hot Daddy's Dance Dock 6:30 – 8:30 pm
10 Dec 2018 18:30 SLT
DJ Astoria has been beaming Luminosity! events from her home in the Pacific Northwest to folks all over the world since 2009. She loves to share eclectic assortments of music, usually spun around a th...
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DJ Fantasia @ Hot Daddy's Dance Dock 6:30 to 8:30 pm
26 Nov 2018 16:30 SLT
Tonight it's the FRISKY, FUN, FANTABULOUS DJ Fanta's Choice @ Hot Daddy's Dance Dock, Fanta is a firecracker, whatever genre she plays, so put on your dancing shoes and come on down to Hot Daddy's for...
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DJ Pop's @ Hot Daddy's Monday 6:30 - 8:30
19 Nov 2018 18:30 SLT
Tonight DJ Pops brings Swing to Hot Daddy’s! Pops plans to play some old, some new, and even a little electro…but all toe tapping! Pops is known for his ability to pull together a unique blend of mus...
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DJ Moonie @ Hot Daddy's Dance Dock 6:30 – 8:30 pm
12 Nov 2018 18:30 SLT
So what does DJ Moonie, our renegade blues rocker from North Carolina play when she's not playing blues? Well, tonight at Hot Daddy's, Moonie brings you ROCKABILLY! Rockabilly is one of the earliest s...
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