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A magical new scripting library houses many free scripts for the metaverse. If you're in need of a script, this is the place to go! If you have scripts you'd like to donate, please drop them off at the donation box.

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We have some more scripts in Script Magic! Be cool when you teleport by checking out the avatar section for some neat particle poofers! We also have some new scripts in the Building and Misc sections so check those out too. Thanks to everyone that has donated scripts! If you have a script you wou...
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We have new scripts added this month in Script Magic to the Buildings, effects and miscellaneous categories. Cover your sim in fog or zip from floor-to-floor in an elevator with one of these scripts. They are all full perm and free to use. As always, if you have any scripts you'd like to donate ...
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Thanks to those that donated we now have a number of new scripts. To check out the new scripts visit Script Magic and see the Effects category for new Particle, Texture & Fractal scripts as well as the Building, Avatar & Transportation sections. This is a community effort and we are always looki...
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Thanks to everyone that has donated scripts thus far. We now have a few scripts in each section of the library including a number of scripts added to the Avatar category, Sit, teleport, group inviters, a few Particle Effects and some basic NPC Scripts. If you'd like to share a script with the commu...
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LouCypher 1 years ago
eaglewealth 2 years ago
Beautiful place and great scripts!
TyphaineArtez 2 years ago
A beautiful fantasy setup for a great-to-become script center! I loved using the bird view to see the symbol the land represents.. really well done :)
I will surely add my own stuff when it won't be a mess anymore.

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Magical region with a wonderful selection of scripts.
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