Script Magic

SheaButter 6 months ago
Sadly cannot enter, or be found. Unlock the door Wiz!
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 7 months ago
2 years, TWO YEARS and today I finally had a succesful jump. Now, where iz WIZ eh? where's the scripting community involved with this place? I don't mean the "group", I mean the folks that are actually testing, and TALKING to each other about which OPENSIM scripts are good, and any other scripts that are not as good. Here's another great scripting project that is not part of OSW but should be... .... an oar of this place should be in OS grid as well as the already provided OAR called "Script Library" and all OpenSim "scripters" should start thinking (preferably not thinking and just doing) about becoming more proactive in places like these. Rant over, thank you. :)
Antonia Ling 3 years ago
Mhhh - tried to TP from 'Lbsa Plaza' (OSGrid) to the Region 'Script Magic'. But something don't work. I received a 'Timeout'
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 3 years ago
Since it's showing online, I imagine a region restart would fix us not getting in from outside the grid, and from even inside the grid. In the mean time, here's a few script places to keep us from going through script withdrawal. :) :) :) Annex
The last in list is the only one that has to be searched to find the scripts, which are in a place named "script palace". So learn about "area search" if you don't know already and save yerself a ton of time. I snagged a really cool working slot machine from that last address (JapanOpenGrid-JOG). :) I did click the like button for all which I didn't expect I would, but they all had music and copyable items, which are my 2 criterias for mentioning anyplace in OpenSim.
BrockArmstrong 3 years ago
Cannot seem to go there, have tried several times, it seems as though I am not the only one with this problem.
Tainted Angel 3 years ago
It says online, I find it on the map but remote server connection not established
Lou Cypher 4 years ago
Kylie Brimmer 5 years ago
Beautiful place and great scripts!
Typhaine Artez 5 years ago
A beautiful fantasy setup for a great-to-become script center! I loved using the bird view to see the symbol the land represents.. really well done :)
I will surely add my own stuff when it won't be a mess anymore.