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just my space
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in construction

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males
Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males (no mesh bento avatar)
but please not the kelly stuff :)

best regards

Coming back... and Searching a Free island somewhere ...
Hello Girls and Guys
I am back to the Grids .. but homeless for now .
so i search if a generous grid Owner .. have somewhere an old island that he can spare for free...
Thanks for reading
Best Regards
Lou Cypher
Searching NPCs
Hi i am making a NPC collection and will expose it ....
so if you did a NPC or have some, dont hesitate to IM me or giving your answer here

Best regards
Lou Cypher @vibel.eu:8002

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The Harbor

Just make the jump !

Adachi Mall

4 stars for the sim and +1 for the owner :)


Great Like all others Fred Works !


nice place


Great ... and great builder ... Snow

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