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Je viens de second life :)

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Je suis une créatrice de maisons sur second life, hj'ai aussi creer des sculpty au tout debut de leur arrivés sur sl, avant les meshs. Des lampes :)
En rl je suis créatrices de bijoux en fimo, pate polymere pour ceux qui savent pas ce que s'est. :)
Je dessine aussi

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creer des trucs

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Plus tard, vous me remercierez c'est une phrase que Monk sortait souvent
je suis fan de la serie Monk :)

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je suis fan de calogero

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Monk :P Fan de la serie Monk

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La cite des Sacres_Reims cite des Sacres_Reims 0 Users
C'est une région de style orientale, avec la savane, la jungle, avec des animaux, et la ville. Ville avec une petite ferme Satyfarm avec des animaux de ferme. En visitant, vous trouverez un petit marcher, des objets copiables. Et un endroit caché dans le désert, une caverne d'alibaba :) Je vous la...
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Welcome to the desert oasis

While walking you will find shops with free stuff to share. Boxes that I find throughout my visits, and that I put at your disposal. Clothes, boxes of decorations, stuff to decorate the sim. In short, the best is to come and visit.

Good visit
Welcome to the desert oasis
I could have made a region like everyone else, like forests, with trees, or country or medieval landscape, but, I opted for a landscape of a thousand and one nights. Because I'm not everyone, I like to do it differently. So here is my region, my houses, some constructions, it was I who made them. Normally everything can be copied.
You will also find copiable objects too.
Good visit
Come visit my region, a virtual world based on the oriental style, with houses, for the most part furnished with oriental furniture which can be copied, a market filled with free, copiable objects, the small farm which feeds the city.
And outside, find the savannah, with animals as well as further, the jungle to visit.

Tous ce qui se trouve dans l'oasis du désert, peut être copier
Bonne visite

La ville orientale

Entrer de la ville orientale

Good morning all,
I try to recreate a universe on a half sim, in the oriental arabian style but I can't find a decoration in the theme. Does anyone have a place to recommend me? Thanks to everyone who could help me
I start in the farm system, I understand for the aniamux, the plants, but the NPC I can't configure them. They do not move, do not do what they should do.
Maybe there is something to change in the note card?
Can you help me? thank you
Ps: what do dogs eat? :)
Sorry, if I don't understand English well, I'm French
Thank you