Zweet ZurroundingZ Adult


Magnificent, breath taken place
you must go and enjoy each second

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As soon as you arrive in Zweet ZurroundingZ you know you've found something different. You'll be drawn down a path that leads past waterfalls so real you can feel the mist. As you stroll along under a canopy of tree tops and jungle roots hanging from the air, you'll encounter tree high ferns adorned with flowers that make you want to smell them. The textures on them are so rich and vibrant they appear to have been plucked from the rain forest and downloaded in some mysterious fashion known only to Amsterdam, the creator and sim owner. A HUGE VAR with soooo much to see! And while you're wandering around with your jaw hanging down, drooling over all the original textures, trees, flowers, mesh terrain, mesh river etc...don't forget to look down. The grass you'll see there is THE best, hands down, grass I've seen ANYWHERE! It's so perfect it makes you want to roll around in it. Don't miss the castle! Plan to LandMark it, you'll for sure want to go back!

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Thirza Ember
Hands down the best landscape region in osgrid.

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Frank Hurt
This 9x9 sim is unlike any other I've visited, either in Open Sim or Second Life. I spent a couple hours here and feel like I've only just scratched the surface. SO MANY DETAILS! The mesh appears to be all-original and extremely well thought out. While I was there, I had the privilege of visiting the creator of this paradise, who says he's been developing this sim since 2012. It's a true labor of love, a virtual lifetime of artistic expression. I'm going to be telling everyone about this place and returning frequently, not just to explore but to get lost in the tranquility. Now, if only I could convince Peter to sell me some of this gorgeous mesh he's created! :)

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Zweet ZurroundingZ is a remarkable gem worthy of deep exploration. In a "cut and paste world", this intricate unique region, is skill and talent on steroids. It is filled with original creations, all precisely detailed and textured. I was gob smacked by the sheer expanse of beautiful realistic landscaping, a home for an extensive menagerie of adorable "critters" strategically placed to offer a peek into the artist's sense of humour. A great locale for photographers, this region is an exceptional work of art from the ground up and well worth the time spent exploring.

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Harper Held
Not my first visit to Zweet ZurroundingZ -no, wait; it is. Everything is brand new -hand crafted as well. For you who have been there before, go again! I think you'll find as I did that it's brand new. For you who haven't been -you owe it to yourself to go and explore. The builds are dream-like and exotic and lovingly hand-crafted and the choice of EEP, music and styles and building skill lends itself to a dreamlike and relaxing state. It *IS* an adult sim but yet easily the most sensual one -even the sensuality is etherial and more of an esthetic than a vulgar display of carnality. I'm hesitant to leave a review because I can't do it justice. I repeat myself; if you hypergrid and are adult you owe it to yourself to spend time here exploring.

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As beautiful as the world gets. This is a nice place because the owner seems to have hand made every inch of every thing there. Lovely. Must visit! =)

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A beautiful place to visit and lovely to stroll around. So easy to navigate around with no lag which makes you want to stay forever and take in the breath taking views.

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Beautiful place, very relaxing visit, keep up the good work!

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I found the region by visiting OS Expo .... Zweet ZurroundingZ has touched me not just on a creative level but also spiritually. Its like walking in a dream the builds are skillfully made. Its a nice place to calm down at or have a romantic dance with your partner! The creator is so polite and lovely as his creations. I recommend others to visit it and also share their reviews. Thank you Amsterdam for your lovely region.

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Cynthia A M.
I give this region a 5 star. It is a beautiful region. The music adds to the beauty of the region. If you have not visit this region you will come to come back again and again.

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interesting place, beautiful, with a spectacular atmosphere. Items for sale totally different from those you can find in other sims. And what about Peter? Friendly, attentive, and always willing to help and support visitors. He is adorable

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Jerralyn Franzic
I can't improve upon the other reviews already posted... it's all of that and more! Perfect for those of us who enjoy taking virtual photos. :) I haven't seen the SL original, but I bet this take is much better.

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Safar Fiertze
This is an outstanding creation. Beautifully atmospheric, with incredible attention to detail. The textures are stunningly vivid and the light effects add to the overall ambience. A definite on my favourites of places to go to when I need some down time. I recommend a walk of the caverns - a surprise awaits you. A gift to photographers from a very talented creator.

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ZZ is now available for special events! A wedding, a performance, an exhibition, or something like that. Contact amsterdam Bingyi in Osgrid, or send an email to:

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Zweet ZurroundingZ , a virtual paradise filled with the most astonishingly amazing surroundings! You will see the most detailed beautiful castle as well as the magnificent Ballroom. The forest is filled with its animated wildlife and beautifully created flowers. Anywhere you look, you see Nature at is finest! Peter has done an amazing job to create an area like no other on OpenSim. Definitely a place to Bookmark and visit many times to appreciate all the work and time involved in its creation and to enjoy the serenity and peacefulness you experience on your visit.

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Excellent ambience and feel to the land. Music benefiting relaxation and soothing of the soul.

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Most beautiful place I've ever seen in opensim. Breathtaking. Peter has obviously spent a lot of time on this place. It's beyond amazing.

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What a work of art this creator has done. There isn't an area on his sim you just don't find beautiful, from the flowers, water that flows so naturally to the caves that are hidden walks through to the arura lights. You have to see and turn your world to night. Its an awesome display that has taken years to perfect says Peter the creator. I enjoyed every minute there and found it fascinating. The animals too are all created by Peter its just a wonder and must see.

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Very impressive, and beautifully immersive place. The perfect under cannope ambiance, great attention to both details (flowers) and big picture. The best I ever seen so far in Virtual world. Kudo. The creator is not only talentuous but really have a very fine sense of nature,

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